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If you read Affiliate blogs you will have noticed an ever growing number of authors writing about the use of WordPress:

Last month Kieron of here.org.uk wrote a short tutorial on how to build an affiliate site from scratch with WordPress, Kirsty from AffiliateStuff.co.uk introduced a really nice feed driven beauty site using the revolution theme and Monty from LeavingTheDayJob.co.uk built a niche site promoting key chains, also using the revolution theme.12-months-free-line-rental.png

It is interesting to see the revolution theme being used so frequently, as I had planned to use it for my own offering, but for the short term I went with the free Mandigo Theme. The Mandigo theme is quite an advanced template which can be rendered at different widths. It also allows you to control which links appear in the header navigation… a very useful feature… particularly for the site I built.

So, the site I built is a feed driven mobile phone comparison site.

Everything runs within WordPress itself using the excellent PHP Exec Plugin which allows you to execute PHP within your pages / posts.

I wrote code to import the data feed and build a local database with it, as well as code to query the database and render the comparison tables. Then I just “included” this code within the pages I wanted to display results in. This means I can create a custom comparison page within a minute or so, for example this page on this page you can see I am able to add my own content before including the results from the comparison. This is really where the Mandigo theme comes in handy, as, I do not want all these pages linked in the header navigation. From the WP admin panel I can de-select pages from the header (instead linking pages in the footer with a small mod I made).

The “news” page is the WordPress (loop) blog which I populated with a few pages of paid content.

I’m pretty pleased with the way the site works, but, I am not sure it will make any money as Mobile Phones are such a competitive market. Also, the comparison feed I am using creams a percentage off the affiliate sales, which is pretty expensive. In time I could write aggregate my own feeds to claw this back, but at this stage I am not sure it is worth it, in fact, I think the site may be nothing more than a white elephant :-( .

WordPress is great for many reasons; however the most important is because most themes are responsive no matter what device you are on.
Newly released phones such as the Samsung S9 and the iPhone X will be able to use your WordPress website without any difficulties.

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    Comment by Andika Kusuma

    Nice way building aff marketing website using wordpress, never thought of that :D .

    are you using CJ? that is pretty neat website you have, how long you build that find-a-phone?

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Hi Andika,

    I dont use at the moment, but I will do at some point, mainly for Ebay listings… good thing about ebay is you can cover almost any niche with it ;-)

    That site did not take too long, just scripts to build db from the feeds, others to render the tables, and a few mods to the template….

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