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The myth of the Alexa re-direct seems to be on the rise again with a number of blogs writing on the subject and various people runing experiments and even writing Alexa WordPress Plugins:

The reason I think this is a myth is that I have seen many people try permutations of this trick and none of them have ever worked.

Secondly, if you were Alexa, would you base your ranking system on a URL redirect? If you did, then why would you need the toolbar.

This brings me onto something that DOES work with alexa, the Search Status plugin for Firefox. Using this plugin has the same effect as the Alexa bar on the rank of sites you visit.

If you visit that page they tell you a little about how that plugin works:

The Alexa Rank display sends your current URL domain, your local IP address and a unique constant to Alexa Web Services

Now, can you see a “unique constant” in the URL below?


Alexa are not the idiots some people like to portray them as. Yes their system is flawed, and yes it can be gamed, to a point, but it is not as easy as putting a redirect in your URL’s.

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    Comment by HMTKSteve

    Does anyone even know where this redirect scheme originated from?

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    No I dont, I have seen posts about it in various forums but who the originator was is anyones guess… it would be fun to know where it all started though ;-)

    Comment by Andrea Micheloni

    Who cares for Alexa rank, anyway?


    Yes, I know. As long as sites like TLA base their ranking on Alexa’s ones, we can’t give up with it.


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    Comment by SiteLogic

    You are right, Alexa has commercial value and it is worth paying attention to.

    Also, You Tube probably does have more traffic than Google.com, In fact I will write a post on it….

    Comment by HMTKSteve

    It’s all about the dollars. No one cares about PR and alexa except those of us who are trying to sell advertising on our websites.

    Comment by SiteLogic

    I think most websites sell advertising…. I actually use it more when looking at buying advertising… not for myself as I have nothing to advertise ;-) but I do get asked to look at things from time to time….

    Comment by Andrea Micheloni

    Are you joking? :shock: Youtube having more pageviews (we are not counting bandwidth/ youtube would probably win) than google is simply absurd.

    IMHO, obviously…

    Comment by SiteLogic

    It is possible that youTube gets more hits than Google.com worldwide, remember I am only talking about one google domain here, there are hundreds of different googles around the world, but only one youTube….

    At high traffic levels Alexa is reckoned to be pretty accurate.

    Unless you think that the youTube audience has a higher proportion of users running the Alexa bar…. personally I don’t think thats the case….

    Comment by Andrea Micheloni

    Well, that’s a good point; but I think the average visitor watching youtube videos all day long is far different from the one searching on google, maybe a little more “tech-oriented” and “spyware-aware”…

    Comment by SiteLogic

    Hi Andrea,

    That Alexa chart was completely out, I checked yesterday and Alexa was showing youTube a lot lower than google.com :neutral:


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