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Web design is really associated with the use of:

XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language)
CSS (Cascading Styles Sheets)
Graphic design

(X)HTML and CSS are languages of a sort. They are not programming languages as they do not control logic or process data. Instead these languages tell a browser what to render on screen.

JavaScript on the other hand is a programming language and can be used for a number of applications within a Web-Site:

Creating visual effects
Embedding advertising (e.g.Google Adsense or Amazon Affiliate schemes) in a site
Embedding Google Maps in a site

What XHTML, CSS and JavaScript all have in common is that they are Client Side Technologies. The client refers to a users P.C., XHTML, CSS and JavaScript all run in the browser of a users P.C. and nowhere else.

A web developer on the other hand is concerned with Server Side Technologies:

Databases (MySql, PostgreSQL ,SQL Server)
Programming Languages (PHP, JSP, CFML, ASP.NET)
Configuration (Apache Web Server or similar)

Server Side Technologies are invisible / off limits to the user. The programming languages PHP, JSP, CFML, ASP.NET are all alternatives to one another, typically a web application will use just one of these languages (or something else, there are several others), you do not need to learn all of them, but choose carefully which you do choose to learn.

Web developer’s program applications, such as E-Commerce sites, with shopping carts, product categories etc. A programming language is used to determine what information a user has asked for. For example, if a user clicks on a book in Amazon, the browser sends a request to the server for more information. The web developer will write code that will receive that request, ascertain what is required, get the information from the database (price, stock, shipping costs), put it all together and send it back to the user as a ‘response’ formatted as XHTML (so it can be viewed in the clients browser). This is of course a very simplistic view, security, login routines, order processing information and much more must also be programmed, but it gives an idea of what a web developer does.

The key thing to remember is that browsers are not connected to the server, everything to do with Web Applications revolves around the request / response principle. The browser sends a request to the server, the server sends a response back to the client. This is very different to the way computers on a network behave, and is part of the the reason why events such as drag and drop of remote files are not supported in web browsers.

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