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I always like reading the about or bio pages on blogs. Unfortunately mine are pretty boring, but this one written by Gary Lee had me laughing:

Gary Lee lives in Southern California and currently works for himself as an Internet Marketing/Business Development Consultant after a few years of helping drive an old asian online dating site into the ground.

Learning from his one mistake of working for a moron, Gary now consults a number businesses to drive more traffic to their site and also how to monetize that traffic wisely………… Gary also likes to talk about himself in the third-person as it gives him a sense of importance and self-worth.

If you haven’t read Mr Gary Lee yet then you should! Its entertaining and has some good lessons regards SEO, in particular Gary seems to have a talent for viral marketing and spin witch-doctoring and watching how he promotes his blog is a lesson in itself… very cool stuff…

There are a couple of posts on internet marketing, a few more would be nice, but the lessons lie in watching what Gary does, as opposed to being spoon fed all the answers.. much more fun :lol: .

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    Comment by Derrich

    I’d have to say that Gary’s is definitely one of my favorites. Mine falls into the “boring” category as well. :???:

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Yeah yours is pretty serious too…. nothing wrong with that I spose, but I thought Gary’s was really funny…. depends on your sense of humour I suppose…

    Comment by Kassper

    Yea, Gary Lee is in my favorites box (along with site logic :wink: ), he has some good stuff on his site, and he is a laugh :mrgreen:

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    Comment by Shaun

    Haha yeh thats a way better about me page than mine. I should probably fix mine up lol.

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    Comment by Natron

    “The Gary” makes his rounds…

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