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Bart, the maverick Polish SEO just pointed out that although Million Dollar Wiki has sold over 900 pjester-1.jpgages Google has indexed just 269 of which 268 are supplemental meaning they have one page in the Google main index.

Add to that the fact that the site does not rank for its own name, and the Million Euro Wiki (the poor relation) starts to look like an even poorer investment.

I have been reading how great these pages are, and how they can be flipped for more money etc. etc. etc.

I once read a book called DOT CON, about the dot con era a few years back. One of the concepts discussed is that of “The Greater Fool”.

Below is an excerpt from a real Wiki, discussing The Bigger (Greater) Fool Theory:

The bigger fool theory or greater fool theory (also called survivor investing) is the belief held by one who makes a questionable investment, with the assumption that they will be able to sell it later to “a bigger fool”; in other words, buying something not because you believe that it is worth the price, but rather because you believe that you will be able to sell it to some one else for an even higher price.

It might be on some occasions a valid method of making money in the stock market — however, the market participants eventually realize that the price level is too outrageous and the speculative bubble pops. The bigger fool theory relies on market optimism concerning a particular stock, an industry, or the market as a whole.

Another great page from a real Wiki discusses Tulip Mania, a term synonymous with “The Greater Fool”. It details how tulip bulbs went for silly money as people started to “flip them” for ever increasing profits.

So yes, some people will make money with Agloco, bogus wiki pages, pyramid schemes etc.

Remember the likes of John Chow are not fools, far from it. They will always be at the top of the tree.

Their “familiars” may make a smaller profit, as the peanuts start rolling down the hill.

After that it is nothing but very expensive tickets to loser-ville.

Don’t end up becoming the BIGGEST FOOL at the bottom of the pile.

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    [...] its own name, presumably having been penalized by Google for selling links. Update: You think this million euro wiki will get you link [...]

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    Comment by Florchakh

    Jez you’re so cruel :mrgreen:

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    Comment by David Hopkins

    Good find Bart. I also noticed that the Million Dollar Wiki was a pile of crap concoted by someone who probably doesn’t have too much imagination.

    John Chow and Sir Shoemoney have been getting a bit of a ribbing here of late. I guess not everyone likes Chowenomics, a crude copy of Reaganomics ported to the web. Or maybe its because you don’t yet have you own brand.

    Comment by David Hopkins

    Good find Bart. I also noticed that the Million dollar Wiki looked like another cheap swizz.

    I notice Johnny Chow and Sir Shoemoney have been up for a bit of flack here of late. I guess not everyone is a fan of trickle-down Chowenomics and blog branding.

    Comment by SiteLogic

    I like blog branding, but I don’t like rip off merchants.

    Comment by David Hopkins

    Sorry about the double comment Jez. Another WP glitch.

    Comment by Jorge

    Great article! You have a new reader. :smile:

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    Comment by Jorge

    Cepticism is always a great thing.

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    Comment by Acopic Web Design

    Million Dollar Wiki was always a bad idea from the offset. Google will be completely aware of what is going on and won’t allow it’s pages to pass any link juice. I wouldn’t be suprised if the pages are surpressed on purpose by the SERPS as well.

    Just a bit of a crap idea all-round.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Yeah I think it will be devoid of link juice for sure.


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