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SEOLinkPro is a new link building tool released by the guys at syndk8.

If you do not know syndk8, it is a popular black / grey hat forum run by some guy by the name of Earl Grey. Quite an amusing forum, containing lots of edgy humour as well as a lot of useful SEO information.

They have released a couple of link building tools in the past, and have just added a new one to their line up “SEOLINKPRO”.

Little is known about SEOLINKPRO at the moment, other than the fact that it will use social bookmarking sites to generate free backlinks for you.

There is a promotional page on SEOLINKPRO here, and a promotional video of SEOLINKPRO here.

The video of SEOLINKPRO contains very little useful information and is a bit tongue in cheek, either that or its just plain bad :-) . However, I think that is just a teaser. Earl and Neek (the developer) are keeping a lid on things at the moment, but more details are sure to follow in the next 24 hours.

There is also a twitter feed for SEOLINKPRO here where updates are to be posted shortly.

This tool should be pretty good, if their previous products are anything to go by. In the past their tools have earned the sale price back pretty quickly, but, unfortunately there don’t seem to be any discount coupons available for SEOLINKPRO at the moment.

It remains to be seen how good this tool really is, I think it will be a few days before the first reliable reviews of SEOLINKPRO are available, but it is certainly one to watch.

As with all tools of this nature, it is the first few to start using them that derive the most benefit. Once sales go up things start to get a bit saturated and less effective.

Anyway, if your interested in SEOLINKPRO you now know where to look!

Edit: Neek, you have a very suspicious mind, of course its me :-D

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