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If you want to SEO your site and get some hits from Google searches (unlike this site, which I have neglected badly) then a good place to start is using the Free Keyword Analysis tools listed in a previous post.

Using these Free Keyword Analysis Tools you can generate lists of relevant keywords and assess the number of searches performed against each one.

If your site is new, then you need to avoid the really popular keywords, because you simply will not be able to compete with larger, long established sites.

Instead look for keywords for which there is little competition, the more obscure searches that larger sites miss.

Then, keyword your site, stemming your keywords, for example:

  • Stem
  • Stemmed
  • Stemming
  • Stems

Try to stick to one keyword per page. Perhaps add a few pages targeting the same keyword and link them to each other, putting the keyword in the link, for example:

as oppose to

  • Free Keyword Analysis Tool Link

Notice that in the first example the link contains the text “Free Keyword Analysis Tool” whereas the second example link contains only the word “Link”.

Google takes notice of text in links, so make sure you take advantage of every link in your page.

Once you have your keyworded pages in place, sign up for the free Google Webmaster Tools and add a sitemap. Google will quickly crawl your new pages, and, with a little luck you will start to see the results :-)

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