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Hello and welcome to what will hopefully prove a productive venture!

It will cost nothing but a little time and effort, and the idea is that all participants derive equal benefit.

The idea is to build a network of bloggers from different “spheres” who are prepared to accept and post “SEO” reviews for one another. By SEO review, I mean something written for search engines as opposed to your readers.

This is post is in a hidden category, the only way to navigate to it is via the author link on posts. Assuming you use the same author name, as I have, Google should index such pages, however, your users are unlikely to ever find them, especially if you pre-date the post. It would be desirable to also permit the appearance of posts in archives (again pre-dating) to give Google a better chance of indexing the page.

This means you can participate in this little scheme without upsetting your readers, adding SEO code for your own blog, as well as swapping SEO reviews with other participants.

The reason we are trying to establish a network is because reciprocal links cancel each other out, so, a direct link or review swap does nothing for your Google results.

It is important to distinguish between Google (PR) Page Rank and the search results. It is possible for a low PR page to beat a high PR page to the top of the search engine results if it has better optimisation and more inbound links.

The purpose of this network is to improve search rankings / traffic, it is unlikely you will get a better PR.

So, why the network? To avoid reciprocal links by “trading” reviews through a network of sites, as opposed to doing a direct swap, and thus get more traffic!

This network would be most effective if members were spread far and wide accross different “spheres”, as, existing members are unlikely to have already established links with them. To achieve this it will be necessary for members to network out, away from the sphere this started in.

This is done using:

For it to work effectively you will also need the:

To get better SEO Generally you should alter your page title to put the post title before the blog name, this can be done with a simple edit to header.php:

  • <title><?php wp_title(”); ?> <?php if ( is_single() ) { ?> »<?php } ?> <?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?></title>

Alternatively you can use this plug in to control the title:

Finally, enable permalinks found in your admin section under Options / Permalinks. When doing this, at the bottom of the page there will be some code which you will need to copy into the .htaccess file in the top level directory of your blog.

To get the most out of this scheme you should start “theming” your blog around keywords, dropping them into post titles, and post content, and of course hidden SEO posts.

To help you select keywords the following post may be of some help:

When using these tools (Yahoo or MS which give search stats) you need to factor in market share between search engines, a recent article on which quotes the following:

  • Google 53.7%
  • Yahoo 20.7%
  • MSN 9.6%

There are commercial tools available which are far more powerful, I will be asking someone for advice on these shortly.

You are looking for keywords that get good volume that you have a realistic chance of competing for, i.e. don’t try and go up against CNN for the top spot!

Linking Strategy:

  • Write your own posts for submission on other sites, send HTML code in a file, thus ensuring the post is optimised to your liking
  • Get the title right, it is by far the most important element in a post
  • Link to your homepage
  • Deep link to other posts with keywords in the title (this is where your own SEO posts may come in handy, but beware, Google could land users directly on these pages if you deep link)
  • Keyword ALL links in the post, this is extremely important
  • Do not duplicate posts sent to different bloggers, Google does not like duplicate content. Where duplicate content is found, Google will only index what it considers the ‘better’ source. So, rework your posts so they are different for each blog they are submitted to

Try and get more recruits from different spheres, ideally blogger’s running wordpress under their own domain name who are committed to their blog. There is no point in linking with blogs that are not around in 6 months.

Be prepared for the long haul, it can take 6 months to creep up the rankings (though you will gradually build traffic on the way), depending on how well your site is optimised. I have a site which is well focussed on a niche, after trading 4 reviews I went from no-where to number 13 on Google.com, and number 4 on Google UK on a keyword I believe to be worth 20k searches per month, however, the law of diminishing returns applies as you try and claw your way to the top :shock:

Comments and discussion please!

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