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A problem with many E-Commerce sites is lack of content.

Without content it is impossible to get a good rank in search engines, leaving many sites reliant on Adsense.

In order to get good search engine optimisation for your online store you need to bulk up your site.

Consider Amazon, if you use their site you will be familiar with the fact that they have book reviews, extracts from books, the titles and descriptions are keyworded, headings are used well etc.

Clearly Amazon have an advantage as they use bespoke software and have an army of people available to help generate this content.

For SME’s running E-Commerce an easy way to bulk up a site is to use a Blog.

Blogs have very good SEO properties, are easily installed under a “News” secition of an E-Commerce site and are one of the most efficient ways of creating content.

Surprisingly not many sites are doing this at the moment, but consider the possibilities:

  • You can write extensive reviews of your own products
  • Keyword these reviews
  • Link reviews back to your E-Commerce site
  • Write articles on industry news
  • Write articles on the developments in your own business
  • Bend any relevant content you discover to your service!

The only ‘problem’ with doing this is that the look and feel of the blog will not match that of the site.

This in itself will not stop you reaping the benefit of increased SEO, however, if you want to make it look more professional you will need to create a matching template for your blog.

This can be done cost effectively by using sites like getafreelancer.com where you can submit a project and have developers bid on it. Because there are a lot of developers in Eastern Europe and the far east prices are a lot lower than you can achieve in Western Europe.

If you do use getafreelancer or similar sites, make sure you understand the security implications of doing so, I will write a separate post on that soon!!

If you are using VirtueMart then you are at an advantage as there is already a blogging feature built into it. Unfortunately it is not a ‘proper’ blog, rather an aggregation of news postings.

Interestingly there is a WordPress plug in for VirtueMart / Joomla which ‘stuffs’ a wordpress blog into your site. This has a number of advantages over the default Joomla options, namely it is ‘proper blogging software.

Unfortunately, due to it being squeezed into VirtueMart / Joomla, WordPress it loses many of its SEO properties and you are limited in terms of what can be done with the wordpress template.

That said, if you want a free integrated solution then this is definitely worth considering.

I have to say, that although I think the JD-Wordpress plug in is really good, I am inclined to suffer the lack of cohesion between E-Commerce site and Blog to get the best from both technologies.

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