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Last week I got into the worst dispute of my blogging career over something I saw as a scam.

During the ensuing “mini flame war” I was told amongst other things that I “get cheap thrills and attention by bashing others” and was attention seeking.

Today I see the same blogs involved in that incident giving another “make money” blog a complete mauling over ripping off readers, as well as tearing up a few other scams.

I find this very interesting as it is a trick I have seen used by shoddy IM’s (Internet marketers) on a number of occasions.

That is, expose other scams to gain credibility and trust before pulling scams of your own.

The whole “make money” sphere seems to be falling into the hands of shady Internet marketeers, buying out existing blogs or throwing money into developing new ones.

Although I have criticized John Chows methods, at least you know who he is and what he is about, and, whatever your opinions of it, it is a “genuine” blog.

Conversely, I have no idea who is behind some of the other make money blogs, they have obscure WHOIS details and they do not introduce themselves when they buy out other blogs (unlike Josh who introduced himself as soon as he bought out CareerRamblings.com) .

It seems to me that IM’s of the “long red and yellow page” school of marketing have found a new medium.

As the amount of money at stake rises its going to be interesting to see just how competitive, unpleasant and unethical these sites really are.

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    Comment by David Hopkins

    I was surprised to see you get such a grilling over at John Cow. It seems a lot of people think you are just jealous of John Chow if you make any criticisms. I thought John’s reaction to Israel’s pot was quite modest though.

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    Comment by Florchakh

    Shoemonkey reaction would be much more insolent. BTW I wonder why John Vanhara has removed this post from his blog. Wimped out or got donated? :idea:

    Comment by Florchakh

    Shoemonkey’s reaction would be much more insolent. BTW I wonder why John Vanhara has removed this post from his blog. Wimped out or got donated? :idea:

    Comment by SiteLogic

    I read Chows reactions in that post and thought he did a great job of defending himself…. as I said above, whatever your opinions of Chow, it is a genuine blog, you know what the guy is about (who he is) and what to expect!!

    Comment by Jez

    Oh yeah it was not actually John Cow I wrote about, but I got bashed by that site as it is syndicated with the one I actually wrote about….

    If you read any of the smaller “make money” blogs you can see them “bashing in unison”…

    They seem to be calling out all the other make money scammers to try and create controversy and win readers trust … before launching dodgy deals of their own.

    Today see’s more of the same in my RSS feed… I’m gonna have to unsubscribe or I will inevitably lose my cool again…

    Comment by Acopic Web Design

    John Chow reminds me of a scam I saw about 10 years ago where someone was selling a book telling you how to make a $1,000,000. For $19.95 you basically got a 3 page book which said “create a book like this and sell it”. The other 2 pages were the cover.

    People will always want to make a quick buck and sites like John Chow are always going to be popular. But like you said – at least you know what John Chow is about.

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    Comment by Jez

    I remember seeing a report of someone selling info on how you could avoid paying your phone bill… the steps went something like:

    1) call your phone company
    2) give them your details
    3) ask them to disconnect you….

    Comment by James Wilcox

    I remember this guy…only it had to do with selling “tiny little classified ads”. Remember Don LaPre? That was exactly his product and plan. He sold this whole kit for $39.99 that was how to make money in 1-800 numbers and classified ads…

    I admit, I got suckered into it because at the time I was unemployed and looking for any opportunity…needless to say it wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. You win some, you lose some.

    Comment by SiteLogic

    Haha, well, in a sense $39 is not too much to pay for a valuable lesson!


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