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Some of you may have noticed my latest toy in the sidebar, this Alexa Widget:

Now, a rank of 167k is nothing to be proud of and most sites would not want to publish such a poor score, however it is improving (it was 280k last week) and I like playing with Alexa.

The reason I have installed this is because, legend has it, that running it improves your rank!

This is a complete myth, it does nothing of the sort, but does encourage your readers to install the toolar themselves, and this indirectly boosts your rank. Alexa only counts hits from people with the toolbar installed, so, the more readers running the bar the better my rank, and that of any other sites these readers choose to visit.

For FireFox users there is a good Alexa Plug in which I reveiwed recently.

No self respecting Blogger or Webmaster should be without an Alexa Bar ;-)

Have fun!

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    [...] Running The Alexa Widget – Some methods used to game Alexa simply do not work. [...]

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    [...] posted an article about Running The Alexa Widget and the facts surrounding the myth that the widget improves your [...]

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    Comment by Gregg

    Seeing your rank improve will keep you motivated. You shouldn’t care what others think about it! Your goal is to keep improving and that you are. So, in my book…you’re good!

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    I dont really care what others think, this blog is for fun and I think Alexa is part of that fun :lol:

    Comment by Everyday Weekender

    actually.. i just downloaded the alexa add-on for firefox.. I missed your earlier post ;)

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    Comment by ketyung

    I’ve heard that you just need to get few friends to browse your blog/site with browser installed with alexa toolbar in a rotation manner for few weeks, then your ranking will get a huge boost?

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Yes thats true, you dont need many IP’s to do this….

    Comment by Florchakh

    Nicely said. Also I must add that I never thought before about encouraging my readers to install Alexa toolbar. It’s really nice idea, maybe I will try it someday. Thanks! :grin:

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    It only takes a couple of minutes to put it on, I dont suppose it makes a huge difference, but I like playing with it :mrgreen:


    The Controversy Over The Alexa Widget

    A few days ago I wrote an article entitled How I Increased My Alexa Ranking By 2.5 Million In 7 Days. In the article my very first recommendation was for everyone to put the Alexa stats box widget on their site so that Alexa would count all the traffi…

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    Comment by eric

    Hmm.. I have been reading about the widget..but have not get into any article about the widget increasing your rank. I will keep looking around and if find something I will post it..
    By the way my site http://www.egsmartsys.com has as of today an Alexa rank of 1,246,212. That’s the reason Im looking for ethical ways to improve that number..

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Simply Installing the Alexa Bar or an Alexa firefox plugin in your browser will get you well below your current rank.

    Get a couple of your friends to visit your site with Alexa enabled browsers and you will do the top 100k…

    Comment by Devin

    Yeah, I installed the alexa toolbar and my sites rank has improved big time.

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