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Update!!If you want to run PHP within your wordpress posts forget reading this post and check out Exec-php by Soren Weber. Within the (very comprehensive) documentation are comparisons with other plugins that allow you to run PHP within WordPress posts.

My latest scheme is to build some afilliate sites…Most of the competing sites I look at are skinny little nasties that would be very difficult to add content to, and thus a lot harder to optimise in search engines.

So, I decided to make mine a bit ‘fatter’, and for that I need a CMS.

Joomla! would be the obvious choice, however, Joomla! is a bit heavy for what I want, and it requires a lot of additional work to bring it up to the standard of WordPress in terms of SEO.

In fact, I have never got a Joomla install up to that standard… only certain elements.

The problem with WordPress is that it is almost exclusively geared towards blogging, however, with a few tweaks you can quickly bend it to your will ;-) .

First off you can set any static page as your homepage.

Then put the blog / wordpress loop on another page, called “news” for example.

Then get a php plugin that allows you to add code within your pages, such as Run PHP.

And with that I am on my way, I can easily import bespoke components into my pages / posts and start building!

The home of Run PHP (no sq) is a strange mix of ballet / art / technology and programming… not seen that one before…. I also see they have a theme based on one of the Nautica series of open source templates, one I have used many times myself ;-)

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    Comment by Florchakh

    I still don’t get why do you like Joomla that much, srsly :idea:

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Because like WP there are lots of ‘plugins’ (Modules and Components) available for it. Only, instead of a WP plugin like “related posts” you can plug in a forum, community software, a blog, e-commerce… you can do this relatively easily… it is a very powerful platform… there are also more templates available for it… if you needed paid support finding Joomla developers is easy, there are a lot of people working with it…

    Before settling on Joomla I looked at Drupal, which is better for bespoke stuff… but there is a lot less ready made stuff to take advantage of.

    Xoops looked good, but they abandoned their current branch and reverted to an older one leaving many of the plugins behind… that was a real shame… but hopefully it will get back on track…

    Plone is another good one, but I don’t use Python…

    There are lots of CMS’s to choose from… but realistically you can only learn one or two…

    as I work alone I look for products with a lot of readily available features….

    Which would you pick then???

    Comment by Florchakh

    There are so many Open Source CMS, personally I prefer WordPress (you know it good don’t you?) and Drupal. Joomla is a terrible thing, I think I know only one script that can be even worse – phpBB portal with 50 plugins installed on it. That crap can kill every shared hosting!

    Sorry about a little delay, I’ve just noticed that all email notifications from SiteLogic go to SPAM folder in my Gmail :idea:

    Comment by SiteLogic

    Joomla is a pain in some ways but you can get sites up fast with it… I looked at drupal and it didnt really fit what I wanted.

    I now see lots of mails from blogs going to spam on my gmail account… Gmail must have tightened filters….

    Comment by Florchakh

    Gotta add some info about that spammy issue below the subscription checkbox…

    Jez. You are much better in programming than me, so if I can fit what I want I’m sure you can do the same. No pain, no gain :wink:

    Comment by HMTKSteve

    I have been using this plug-in for months. In fact, I’ve been writing some php apps for my Pokemon site (runs on WordPress).

    I could have made pages outside of the blog but I wanted the apps to be part of the site (and use my wordpress ads). Using some basic php and mysql I set it up so that a reader picks something in a drop down, hits a button and the query goes to the db, grabs the data and reloads the page with new data.

    I could have used ajax but then it would only count as one page view! If someone is going to burn up my bandwidth looking up hundreds of entries in my database I need to earn some PV metrics out of them!

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Hi Steve,

    Yes I used it for the same reason, I wanted to keep everything within my site… there are ways to do it from outside but its a pain…

    I was reading an article on Ajax the other day making just that point, that it is not as widely used as it could be because of the negative effect on stats… funny stuff ;-)

    I don’t really use JavaScript or Ajax, mainly because of the amount of errors and memory issues I have with FF accessing JS heavy sites… Im not a fan, although some of the effects are very cool ;-)

    Got the link to the page you wrote… would be interested to take a look…


    Comment by HMTKSteve

    It is on the PokeFarm, just click on the AttackDex link on top.

    Comment by SiteLogic

    Haha yes that would get your stat’s up as opposed to Ajax ;-)

    I will be doing something pretty similar to what you have there… but for product searches.

    Comment by David Hopkins

    Does this let anyone put PHP on your site, or just you from the backend?

    Obviously there would be some big problems if anyone can. Say goodbye to your database :razz:

    Good luck on the affiliate trail and don’t turn into to much of a proponent of trickle down blogonomics.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Haha, no its from the backend, and for multi author sites you can set permissions, by default only admin can embed php ;-)

    don’t turn into to much of a proponent of trickle down blogonomics

    Dont get me started on that again… overtly self serving scroo….. :evil: :evil: :evil: haha


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