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A couple of weeks ago I completed my first ReveiwMe article.

The blog it was commisioned on has relatively little traffic but is quite specialised (niche).

I realised at the time that the review was not aimed at increasing traffic, but getting better SEO. The review in question was highly relevant to the content of the blog.

Since that time I have noticed a number of inbound links coming to the site from seemingly relevant (but actually spammy) sites, with similar key terms (as opposed to useful content).

These links are hitting the review post that I wrote, again confirming that the company commisioning this review did so for SEO purposes.

What they have done is comission a highly relevant SEO post, and boost the importance of that post (in the eyes of search engines) by creating additional links to it, thus, further boosting the value of my post, and, giving me some benefit at the same time!

A less welcome spin off was another site reviewing the same company scraping my images, i.e. in their post, they inserted an image tag pointing to an image on my site (which I created for the review).

This not only saved them time, but bandwidth also and was a good reminder to update my .htaccess file to prevent this!

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