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I was recently asked to write a script to re-submit information to a website automatically. The website in question was a business directory of sorts, which indexed listings according to the most recent update.

I did not really want to do this and thought I would see if there was a FireFox plug-in that would do this, and as usual with FireFox, there was!

Reload Every can be downloaded here.

Its a really neat plug in as you can set different refresh rates for each tab. It is not really suitable for updating websites, as a script running on Cron or Windows Scheduler on a server would be more reliable, however, there have been many occasions where I wanted to keep reloading dynamic pages for testing purposes. In the past I always inserted a re-direct, but this will save having to do that.

Its simple to use, simply right click in your browser window / tab, set the time and your done!

Reload Every

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    Comment by Jason Spence

    There’s not much that Firefox doesn’t do with the use of an add-on. I hadn’t seen that one before, I may need to install it to see if it is of benefit to me.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    I know there are so many useful plug ins, I have a few more to write about…

    This one is a bit more niche than most, but I know Ill find it useful…

    Comment by Joseph.C

    Great info …..thx

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    Comment by Jon Lee

    I remember this! I used to use it with that program that would pay you to surf. but it turned out to be a scam and never paid out :???:

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Never scam a scammer :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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    Comment by Frank

    I actually found this and installed it about a month ago. A forum that I post to has statistics on the amount of time logged in. A friend on the forum was baiting me because he was logged in longer than me. Apart from simply being logged in, the forum also monitored activity and would log you out after 15 minutes of idleness. Childishly I used this plugin to totally ramp up my time and beat my friend. I would simply have it refresh while I slept and I’d wake up to another 7 hours on my total. That was a silly use though. :grin:

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Its not that silly, its very similar to what I was using it for, only reloading on that site had commercial benefit….

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    Comment by Gregg

    Back about 3-4 years ago my brother and I used to play an online game. We had a “refresher” for IE, you could set it to any interval as long as it was above 0. Works great so you dont have to manually refresh!

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    What was the refresher you were using for IE?

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