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Some time ago I wrote a post on Pixel Lotto and why I thought it had not worked.

Since that time I have been looking at various advertising schemes and affiliate programs, and one thing they all share… even the spammy ones is that clicks / sign ups cannot be incentivised…. and this, in a nutshell is the problem with pixel lotto.

Users are clicking because they think they will get some benefit, not because they are interested in a given product. As using the site is tedious it is not suprising that it is not popular with users, zigire.net reports Pixel Lotto generating very little traffic, just 40 visits per day for a $200 block….

All this is old news, but what interests me now is whether an incentivised advertising model can ever be made to work online.

Such schemes do exist offline, but they are few and far between, and not used by legitimate companies.

Now the Agloco bar has been released it will be interesting to see whether an online incentivised advertising scheme can be made to work… if your interested Kumiko has an interesting post on Agloco ;-)

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