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title.pngCollaborating on projects with people in different locations / organisations can be problematic. dotProject is a free open source PHP application which makes this process a lot easier.

Being a web application it is easy to host / share across organisational / geographical boundaries. Being written in PHP means hosting is easy to find and cheap, and, as it is open source it will not cost you anything to use!

The stated aims of the developers of dotProject were as follows:

Originally commenced in 2000 by dotmarketing.org, dotProject was developed as a state of the art Project Management tool from the start.

The original theme (still available in the first release of 2005) flagged dotProject as an open source alternative to Microsoft products and other expensive, commercial applications.

Right from the start, dotProject had, as it’s core aims a number of simple requirements:

  • Clean, simple and consistent user interface
  • Project Management functionality – not another CMS, groupware environment or all things to all people collaboration tool, but a project management environment
  • Open source / open access / free usage.

And right up until the current day, these aims remain the core aim of the current administration team.

I have recently started using this software and have found it very useful and reliable.

It has all the features you would expect of project management software, a monthly calendar showing tasks:


Detail of tasks to be completed:


Which can be expanded to show Gantt Charts:


And some less common features such as problem ticketing:


If you want to play with dotProject they have a demo site which you can log into (which is where I decided to take the screen shots from, hence junk data…).

In my opinion its well worth a look, even if you have no use for it right now, its one of those app’s that it pays to be aware of!

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    Comment by Keith Casey

    Hey, core dotProject developer here… thanks for the mention!

    We’re always looking for feedback and information from actual users and reviewers of the system. If you have any thoughts – good or bad – that you’d like to share, please let us know!


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    Comment by SiteLogic

    No problem, its great software, thanks for dropping by!!

    Comment by Paul

    Myself, I definitely still prefer Basecamp. :wink:

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    At those prices you must be joking, and what happens when you complete your project and stop your subscription… your project is lost.

    Dot Project is completely free and you can keep it for as long as required / archive it for re-use if necessary.

    There is no way I would toch a subscribed service like basecamp when there is a very capable OS alternative.. sorry…

    Comment by Jon Roberts

    Very interesting, I personally prefer to use a project management system offline, as I have been concerned about privacy issues, but I am prepared to be corrected!

    Jon Roberts

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