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NVU is a free (open source) alternative to DreamWeaver which allows WYSIWYG (graphical) editing of web pages.

Whilst not as featureful as DreamWeaver, it will save you a lot of money!


The main disadvantage of this product when compared to DreamWeaver is the absence of a split view, allowing simultaneous viewing of the graphical preview and (X)HTML code. This is a particularly useful feature in DreamWeaver as it allows you to click on a graphical element and jump to the relevant code.

That said NVU is perfectly usable and does support a number of different views, along with CSS and JavaScript editing tools, in addition to all the usual formatting features you would expect from such an editor.

There is also a basic FTP client included to allow easy publishing of pages, however SFTP is not supported (I will write a separate post on how you can use this with SFTP).

There are other free editors available, however, most are designed for Linux, whereas NVU has a version for Windows.

If you want to try it for yourself you can download it here.

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    Comment by Jon Lee

    Its nice but it doesn’t support PHP!

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by SiteLogic

    Oops, also meant to recommend Aptana – great coder’s tool, but no WYSIWYG feature.

    Comment by SiteLogic

    I know NVU isnt good for coding, but its the only free WYSIWYG editor for Windows that I have found.

    I like Screem for PHP editing, but that’s only available to 1% of PC users :mrgreen:


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