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Nice4Rice.com is an interesting site, in that it blogs about blogs, giving away Free Blognice4rice.jpg Reviews and allowing users to vote on which sites they think are best.

This is really useful for bloggers, as, they get a free review with inbound links, but can also get additional back-links through commenting, being one of the Top Givers (voting on sites listed) or if their site is one of the Top Earners.

I have no idea why spud from Nice4Rice is doing this, I have asked him but don’t think he is quite sure himself, replying:

“The method behind my madness…hmm… just madness I’m afraid, no method to speak of. I’m having fun writing up these reviews, mostly because the site owners are really appreciative, and often link back”

Spud wrote his own template for Nice4Rice, and is quite distinct from most other blogs in these parts!

If you want to find some interesting blogs to read, or would like your own site reviewed then check out Nice4Rice, where I already have two of my blogs listed ;-)

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    Comment by Jon Lee

    Gret find! Hopefully I get reviewed soon :)

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    Comment by Spud Oregon

    Everybody, Jez only has 3 bowls of rice, so come and vote for SiteLogic. You’ll get a free backlink. :wink:

    Jez, Thanks for the review!
    Jon, I’ve added you to my list!

    P.S. I recently reviewed your friend’s Elegant Technology blog… and he needs rice.

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    Comment by Jack

    I want in on some of that Rice gooddness!

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Just suggest your site, hell probably do it for you :mrgreen:

    Comment by sharingthelife

    great … is same v PPP or review me?

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    Comment by Spud Oregon

    Not the same because I don’t get paid for it :cry: . Just being nice!

    Comment by Spud Oregon

    Oh, I forgot. Another big difference is that people with no money for advertising can still get a review. Take John Chow’s site for example; you’ve got to fork out 300 dollars for a review! Okay, so the traffic you can get from his site is probably worth it, but at least I can give smaller sites some exposure.

    Comment by SiteLogic

    And some SEO benefit…

    Comment by sharingthelife

    how to get the free back link

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    Comment by Spud Oregon

    Read the post Get a free backlink! I’ve explained all the steps there.

    Comment by Melanie

    Great idea, especially for new sites like me!!!

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