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This is probably old news to anyone who has used MyBlogLog for a while, but, having only used it for a week or two myself I was interested to learn a little more about it.

I read a couple of articles suggesting MyBlogLog were actually tracking Adsense clicks on sites, in addition to displaying the list of recent visitors.

I had a quick look to see if this was true. The code that inserts the Widget references this URL.

If you view the source of this page you will see it references the following JavaScript File.

If you view the source of that page and search it for Google you will find a number of references to Google Syndication and Adsense.

A very comprehensive article on the above has been posted on ShoeMoney.

Another interesting thing I learned was that MyBlogLog is owned by Yahoo, who of course run their own contextual adds scheme.

With MyBlogLog Yahoo are able to collect informaiton on Adsense clicks from all sites which have the MyBlogLog widget installed.

In practice, I would question the value of this data. I would have thought stats from Yahoo’s own network would be far more valuable than sketchy MyBlog information.

That said, they must be collecting this data for a reason, and it is conceivable that, armed with these stats would directly target the biggest earning sites.

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