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On July 8th Mr Gary Lee ran a competition giving away an iPhone.

That was pretty smart as the iPhone was the gadget to have at the time, and they were in limited supply.

Almost three months later, amid concerns that the iPhone mk II would be released before the competition ended Gary has finally announced the winner of the iPhone … by video (check the link if you want to see the clip).

I did not actually enter that competition as the phone would not be much use on UK networks, but I followed it with interest to see how many entrants there were… a lot.

Gary derived a lot of benefit from running this competition, so after all his effort I was surprised to see he will no longer be writing on his blog mrgarylee.com

Instead he announced he will now write for a new site Creative Traffic Builders where he will continue discussing Internet, Email, Guerilla and Viral Marketing.

This new site is still ‘under construction’ as it were, but I think it will prove very useful once it gets going, particularly for myself as I know as much about the dark side of the moon as I do about marketing ;-)

Gary will be joined on Creative Traffic Builders by Danielle Nagami who will be adding posts on search marketing and Pay Per Click.

I think, having two well qualified authors will make this blog successful, and look forward to watching it grow over the next few weeks.

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    Comment by Acopic Web Design

    Yeah – I’d love to get my hands on the iPhone but I’m not prepared to pay the UK tariffs to use it. I’ll hang on until a UK operator finally sees sense and reduces the cost.

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