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I am really tired of the endless stream of cheap scams being promoted by blogs I once considered reputable, the latest of these being the Million Euro Wiki.ist2_1166269_money_grabber.jpg

Even as the Million Dollar Wiki loses its momentum a feeble clone is launched.

This is to be expected as the Million Dollar Homepage had hundreds of feeble clones, which I really do not have a problem with.

What irritates me is the willingness of previously reputable blogs to sell their readers out and promote this stuff.

I think thats a real shame, and I am not the only person to feel like this as can be seen from this genuine review of million euro wiki, or this genuine review of million euro wiki, or this review of million euro wiki.

Ill keep my arguments on this short:

  • Million Dollar Wiki is not ranked in Google for the term “Million Dollar Wiki”
  • Only a handful of “premium terms” get traffic, the rest are junk
  • The site will be as dead as a doornail in a couple of months
  • I have never heard anyone recommend paid inclusion business directories as a good way to promote a website
  • Million Euro Wiki is Million Dollar Wiki’s poor relation


  • Create a Squidoo lens for free
  • Add meaningful information to Wikipedia and link to a relevant page on your site
  • Submit to free directories

Yes I know Wikipedia are no-follow links, but remember, “Million Dollar Wiki” does not even rank in Google for its own name, presumably having been penalized by Google for selling links.

Update: You think this million euro wiki will get you link juice?

Google the term and see who comes up… and who doesnt :twisted:

Another Update: Million Dollar Wiki sold 900+ pages, only 269 are indexed in Google, of which 268 are supplemental. MDW have ONE PAGE in the Google main index.


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    Comment by boring man

    It is true that million euro wikki scam??
    I think most of blogger recommend it..

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    It is being miss sold, hyped.

    You will not get much traffic from normal keywords, you will not get any SEO benefit.

    Do the bloggers recommending it get a kick back for doing so… a free page on the wiki, or some other favor???

    I did not get kick-backs for this post… writing this will probably do me more harm than good….

    Comment by Scam

    I think John Cow and his friends will do well from it but I doubt many others will.

    I’m just sick of all these make money online guys peddling the same rubbish together. I know they are out to make money but, as you say, what about their readership?

    Short term, the MillionEuroWiki may be a winner for them but what about long term?

    Check out John Chow’s RSS count – 7490 – wasn’t it 8500+ yesterday?

    I guess this hyping of rubbish is driving the sheep away in droves. (but he gets to keep the cows so maybe he will still be happy?)

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    It has no long term future, short term you may get some benefit if you get a good word, and if the site is a runaway… there are much better ways to spend $100 though.

    Funny you mention John Chow, I un-subscribed a couple of weeks ago after reading for over a year. That was a fantastic site last year, the stories about the dot CON era, how sites were bought and sold… who made it who didnt were brilliant posts. Now its spam posts and re-hacks of old material.

    I read cash quests for a while too, not because it is the best / most informed site of its genre, but because it was a straight up honest alternative which was not afraid to “call a scam a scam”.

    I hope this latest post doesn’t mark a change in direction for that blog too… then again, I’m sure someone else will come along and take their place in the honesty stakes pretty swiftly…. blogs move pretty fast :!:


    [...] seems that I am not alone in my views of this, with site logic talking of the million euro wiki scam and Angel also becoming sick of all the hype lately, with the million euro wiki being the tip of [...]

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    Comment by Florchakh

    ROTFL Jez just check this link (notice – look at the number of results and remember, there are already 959 pages sold!) :mrgreen:

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Its Google Garbage :mrgreen:

    Comment by Scam

    How many of those 959 are indexed though? :wink:

    Comment by SiteLogic

    269… that’s the point Bart was trying to make… ;-)

    Comment by David Hopkins

    I think maybe Scam was refering to how many of them are fully indexed, i.e. they are not in the supplemental index.

    Comment by SiteLogic

    Good point, just one page in the main index :roll:


    [...] Perhaps the overly positive reviews and deviousness are needed to cover up the fact that there is a million euro wiki scam? [...]

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    Comment by Jon Lee

    I agree with this. Just like million dollar homepage, this provides very little value to people that don’t get a prime keyword and don’t sign up early. The people promoting it are the people that have the good keywords that want more exposure to the site.

    If they do get a million dollars, then congratulations to them for successfully using an idea thats alread played out.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Hi Jon,

    Yeah I was a bit surprised they tried it, then again its cheap as chips to set one of these things up.

    They only need to screw over a handful of noobs to make a profit… I think its quite sad …

    Comment by Angel

    I still don’t know what to think about all of this. The posts are still there at the tops of all the blogs, but it has been interesting to observe people’s reactions. I think what it comes down to is that people just expected better from Cow and Quests because these two sites have had a real edge in the past.

    John Chow will hype up anything, but these two just seemed different. Don’t you think?

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Given the way CashQuests has ripped apart scams in the past I was really surprised they were prepared to push garbage like this…. but its their blog to do with as they will…

    Comment by Israel

    i am glad to see that some bloggers arent selling out and following this garbaege of a wiki site. the only winner in this is the cow and his cohorts. lol.


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    Comment by Scam

    JOHN CHOW is the winner – he just got the first ‘free’ ipod :lol: :lol: :lol:


    Well said I couldn’t agree more. It’s sad to see blogs I considered to be reliable and trustworthy sources of information jumping on this bandwagon. For the life of me I can’t figure out why unless they’re getting a cut of the profits.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    I think you just hit the nail on the head… IMHO they are trying to rip off their readers for $100.

    Comment by John Cow

    Just keep in mind that MillionEuroWiki has been launched just a few days ago. Not too surprised about lack of results in Google actually.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Hi John,

    I was actually saying the Million Dollar Wiki does not rank for its own name, which is a bit older than the Million Euro Wiki…

    You are quite right it will take time for MEW to rank, however, as site that sells links is likely to recieve a penalty… which was the point I was trying to make, though not very well…

    Comment by Israel

    not even worth it.


    [...] and even if you don’t have any good idea, you can rip somebody’s other (for instance – Million Euro Wiki). Notice – the most important thing to have is your own affiliate [...]

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    Comment by James Wilcox

    I find this post a bit ironic seeing as you are generating traffic from badmouthing the site to begin with. Interesting that you rank number one in the search results for “million euro wiki”. Coincidence? I think not. Negative news always travels faster than good news. I think a bit of jealousy is in play here.

    Of course, I feel like my investment in buying the page “Investing” has already paid off, seeing as I was the second winner of an iPod Touch. Does it really matter that the idea had already been done? I don’t hear anyone complaining about all the copycat cars on the road…I mean Karl Benz invented the darn thing and yet there are thousands of makes and models out there now.

    Why not just accept that someone thought of the idea before you and is successful with it. You are after all, getting traffic as a result and just think if you hadn’t had something to rant about in the first place, we wouldn’t be making these comments.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Hi James,

    I did not write this for traffic, as for ranking no. 1 for the phrase, it show’s how weak the real site is…

    I am not jealous, I now have my own free wiki at spamipedia.org, if I had wanted to try and screw people over I would be doing it.

    I have been offered money to set more of these things up which I have declined.

    If your investment has paid off then well done… I fear that will not be the case for the majority.

    I have plenty of other posts on this site which are not “contraversial” and still get read and commented upon.

    As far as I am concerned MEW got what they deserved from myself and others who felt the same way.


    Comment by James Wilcox

    I guess I don’t feel like all I was buying was a link. To me it was a specific place to list a specific type of information where the audience for that information might be targeted. For about 2 weeks worth of lattes at Starbucks, I could buy a page on a site someone else is going to work at marketing and potentially get traffic that was targeted to my topic.

    Of course, there are always going to be those people that don’t take advantage of what they are buying or choose poor keywords, it happens even on free sites…that’s unavoidable. You can’t force people to be intelligent. I think my problem with your original post was that you were calling the whole thing a scam which I felt was unjust…maybe overpriced, but you are buying something so it’s hardly a scam.

    Interestingly enough you gained an rss subscriber because I think some of your posts are interesting, so keep it up.

    Comment by Jerry

    I don`t know about you guys but it seems to be getting legs to me … at the end of the day 100 bucks isn`t that much at all to secure a word or phrase that you can monetise. Unlike the MDW at least the Million Euro Wiki is a global site rather then being centered around the US only. I`m planning on buying a few pages and will watch this one ride out.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    I don’t see it getting legs, I see a lot of pages “reserved” for well known sites, but that does not mean that they are genuine sales.

    I would imagine the new owners will add more content to bolster it up a bit…

    If I were planning on spending a few hundred dollars like yourself I would want info on the number of unique IP’s per day etc.

    Personally I would create free pages on squidoo etc. and spend my money on PPC, link building, direct advertising, reviews…. lots of proven methods which would get you a better return… in my opinion….

    Comment by Jeff

    Wow, look at your google rank compared to fivedollarwiki, milliondollarwiki and millioneurowiki searching for the exact term. you get 3rd, please post where the other are ranked, compare your alexa rankings…hmmmmmm…..how about you post your subscriber numbers….hmmm….better not as we will all work out your feable words ARE for publicity only……

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Hi Jeff,

    I did not really want to rank for any of those terms, they are no use to me, I was just pointing out the fact that google rankings were poor…. meaning that after the hype dies down it will be a dead site…

    Google “Million Dollar Wiki” and the site is not listed, I believe they were penalized for selling links….

    I have no idea how many subscribers I have… probably not many…

    My Alexa rank dropped as I don’t post here very often… hence I removed all dates from the site…

    I have no use for publicity, especially on this site as it makes no money….

    Besides, sites with bigger audiences gave the schemes good reviews… John Chow sent thousands of people towards those wiki’s… I don’t really see how a post on this site matters either way….

    The only reason this post got any exposure at all was because more popular blogs wrote posts about it, if they had just ignored my views then very few people would have ever read my posts…

    If you have a different point of view why not write a post of your own on the subject and comment back with your URL….


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