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In order to maximise Adsense earnings it is worth spending time experimenting to get the best return on your efforts!

It is widely known that some Adwords pay very well, and others poorly, a subject a number of people have written about.

A quick google for “Top Paying Adwords” or “Top Paying Keywords” will get you to an article which ‘claims’ to show how much different adwords pay.

I know for a fact that these figures are vastly inflated, but they do indicate with some accuracy the relative value of different phrases.

Posting articles of this nature is a dangerous game, as discussion around the value of specific keywords is forbidden, and you risk being banned by Google, and if that happens, you really are banned!

Also, there are plenty of Adsense whore sites out there trying to scrape an income from these words, so targeting them is probably less viable than it was a year or two ago.

Furthermore, anyone paying large sums for clicks will have rigid controls in place to prevent spam sites eating up their advertising budget!

All that said, it is possible to vastly vary the income from Adwords by tweaking the articles you write.

What I mean by this is that you stay on topic for your site / blog, but use slightly different keywords within it.

In particular the page title (or post title on a blog page using permalinks) strongly influences the Adwords that are selected for display.

A simple trick is to keep an eye on which topics bring in the most revenue, and to bump posts on this subject, i.e. occasionally re-date your best paying articles so they appear on your front screen.

Whilst this may be appropriate for blogs with a transient readership, it is likely to annoy regular readers. You will have to decide for yourself whether this is something you can get away with, for example, I do not use this technique on this blog, but I do use it on another which has a high turnover of readers.

If you wanted to soften this technique down a bit, you could vary the time a post appears on your front page, for example, quickly following a poor paying topic with a higher paying one, then leaving the higher paying topic in place for a longer period.

One way to track which kind of articles generate revenue is to create Adsense “channels”, duplicating the actual Adsense code, but varying the identifier within it.

In your Adsense stats you will be able to see:

  • Theme 1
  • Theme 2
  • Theme 3

With this information you will start to get an idea of which ‘themes’ genearate the best revenue.

JohnChow.com used channels in this way to identify the best placement for advertising on his site. Rather than using channels for keywords, he named them after the location they appeared in the page, for example, on this site I could use:

  • In Line
  • Top
  • Sidebar
  • Post Footer

Once you have identified a ‘theme’ that generates income, you can refine the words used within it by visiting Googles Adwords pages.

These are the pages used by customers of Adwords (not the pages used to set up Adsense) and show the relative competitiveness of particular phrases.

The higher the competition, the more advertisers will have to pay to get themselves exposure.

Statistics on the Adwords page are comparative, that is they do not show which keywords pay the most, you cannot search for words with a high value (figures are not disclosed). Instead, it compares side by side permutations of the key phrase you are looking at, revealing which have the highest level of competition amongst advertisers.

This is extremely useful as you do not really have to change anything on your blog, simply using a different phrase of the same meaning (particularly in the post title), for example swapping between:

  • computer spares
  • PC components

The meaning is the same, your readers will not complain, but the difference in PPC could be significant.

I wrote this article as over the last two days revenue from another blog dropped through the floor. I used the Adwords tool to identify better paying phrases, changed a couple of post titles and, so far, things look like they are looking up again.

The goal posts are forever changing. Advertisers are doing the exact oposite of site owners, looking for the least competative terms, from which they can derive the maximum number of relevant clicks per dollar. Advertisers will always be looking to cut costs, reduce PPC.

As more Advertisers switch to different phrases, so the new phrases become more competitive, and the old less so, until, the advertisers realise this and switch back again.

Also, advertisers set monthly budgets, if that runs out, cheaper adds will appear in their place. So, if a lot of sites go after the competitive terms, the high paying adds may burn out quickly.

Whichever side you are working from, advertiser or site owner, it pays to keep an eye on these trends!

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    Comment by Frank

    I’ve been trying a lot of different advertising techniques on my site recently. I started with Adwords and then tried a CPC/CPM combo but that had a really ordinary result. At the moment I’m trying a test of Austion Ads, just to see if that is somehow more effective. But for all the changes that I’ve made, generally I have always come back to Google. Even though I’m not making much from them it’s still more then other solutions so far.

    If I can jack my site to a PR2 then I’ll give Text Link Ads a try. I guess the key for me is diversification. To much reliance on Google is not a good position to be in.

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by Everyday Weekender

    Hey Frank, what is Austin ads? :wink:

    Comment by SiteLogic

    The problem with diversification is that a lot of the other schemes set high entry requirements in terms of traffic etc.

    I cant get in Text Link adds with a PR4 site, I haven’t even bothered with this site as its only PR3.

    I don’t know whether they also look at Alexa and other metrics. I’m sure they will mail me if and when I qualify.

    Your PR is poor, how old is the site?

    You may want to try adding more text, Google doesnt like video very much :-)

    Try and keep everything tight / in focus, i.e. some consistent keywording between different posts, this seems to help a little with PR, along with lots of links!

    I haven’t had much luck with affiliate adds, I got a reviewMe the other week which was nice, be interesting to see if any more follow…

    It will be interesting to see how you get on with the Auction Adds, they seem quite well targeted to your site.

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by Frank

    Yeah, I know a PR of 1 is terrible. :)

    I started the site at the end of December so it’s really only been running for about two and half months. In January I was only really interested in getting videos up everyday. And really it’s only in the last few weeks that I’ve really tried to get some traffic in and build backlinks. The linking has been pretty sucessful though. I’ve gone from 673,000 in Technorati to 276,590 just today. Of course this is still pretty woeful but the percentage improvement is what I like to see. Still having trouble getting big numbers in though. I don’t even check Alexa at the moment because I’m pretty much off the radar.

    Thanks for your comments, I appreciate the input.

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by Frank

    Of course, I just checked and you’re at 58,668. That makes mine a little pathetic.:)

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by Everyday Weekender

    actually. the sites now at about 10K.. awesome work


    Comment by Edward

    So everyone here have at least a PR1 site ? Then my blog is considered a failure … :sad:

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by SiteLogic

    Hi Edward,

    If you were older and on your tenth blog, then I would say you were a bit of a failure, as you are 18 I would say you are learning :-)

    On my other blog I got PR 4 very quickly, I was lucky in that I got highly targeted content on their just before a PR update.

    Using wordpress helps too, it is VERY search engine friendly, I would go so far as to say the best SEO’d web application in existance, certainly Ive never seen anything better.

    If I were you I would get yourself off blogspot, get your own domain and run your own blog :!:

    Comment by Culture Shiok!

    I’m on Blogspot (Blogger) too! Should I leave? :oops:

    Comment by SiteLogic

    If your serious about it, at some point you will want your own domain and software running.

    Now, the longer you leave it, the more content you will have and the more difficult it will be to move.

    That said, you have to make sure WordPress is good for you personally, you might not like it!

    I would start by having a good think about a domain name and trying to buy one you like.

    Then try and have a go using wordpress on a PC, or buy some web hosting and get it set up on there. Try experimenting with it, putting a few plug ins on and see how you get on.

    Once you are happy using wordpress, start moving your content accross.

    Once your content is moved, you can leave links on blogspot to your new site.

    Once blogspot is dead and your new site up and running dump it blogspot!

    Dont rush into anything, spend some time on it , you could waste a lot of time if you make the wrong decision!

    Comment by Culture Shiok!

    Got banned by Adsense. I wrote them, but no reply yet.

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by SiteLogic

    Did they say why they had banned you?

    From what I hear its hard to get info once this happens, and even harder to get re-instated.

    Comment by IndoDX

    I think AdSense Banner Position will be challenged everything, and AdSense banner that placed in the right place will be make AdSense revenue positive attitude too ^_*

    (Comments wont nest below this level)

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