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Believe it or not Ja Kel has a spot on the million dollar homepage, good going for a blog given the cost of $100!

It was that post that got me reading JaKelDaily.com, as I was interested to hear what traffic from the million dollar homepage was really worth.

Like myself, and many other blogger’s JaKel has an interest in SEO, writing a post on Turning On SEO URL’s, explaining how to set permalinks in WordPress, and the benefits of doing so.

Ja Kel is a ‘genuine’ blog in that the author mixes a variety of personal interests into his blog, including family life, investing and technology.

Although I am more interested in technology posts, there is an interesting article on paying off your mortgage in ten years which I am sure we would all love to do and shows a serious amount of determination. There is also a clip of Jason throwing his wife out of a plane ;-) with some tips for uploading clips to youTube.

In a cheeky act of self promotion Jason attempts to get into the top 10k on Technorati by offering a 1 gig flash drive to anyone who can generate 20 inbound links to his site. If only it were that easy, I think a bigger prize may be required for 20 back-links!

There is also a category on “The Net” which has a couple of good articles on blogging and site promotion which should be of interest to readers of siteLogic.

Jason seems to be doing well with his blog, he has a PR of 4, is building his technorati ranking and has a price tag of $60 on reviewMe.

For such a young blog (started in February 07) Jason seems to be making good progress, and is definitely a blog I will be keeping an eye on.

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