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I was a bit surprised to be asked this by a friend a few days ago.

Try it is the obvious reply.

Yes, Gmail is worth having:

  • Gmail gives you unlimited storage so you never have to clear your inbox
  • Gmail allows you to organise mails with “labels”, which allows you to organise mails into categories
  • The address / contacts book in G-mail is automatically populated with contacts you mail
  • Gmail has a quick contacts box that lists the addresses you mail most, clicking these links creates and addresses a mail to that contact
  • Gmail has a link to Google Calendar to help manage your time.
  • You can invite people to events in Google calendar and share information with other users
  • Gmail has a chat client built into it which allows you to chat to other Gmail users in your contacts list
  • You can do a Google search on your mail! I just Googled a 6 month old mail in about two seconds, fantastic!

The reason Google give all this away for free (and allow an unlimited mail box) is so they can analyse the content of your mails (for market research) and target you with adsense. It works well, its interesting to see the relevance of adverts to your mails.

Because of this a number of people refuse to use Gmail, citing Googles analysis of your mail an invasion of privacy. It is an invasion of privacy, but Google state that they do not collect personal informamiton on individuals, rather, robots gether generic information for market research.

I believe Google when they say the will not attribute information collected to me personally.

The fact is, few things in life are free, there is usually a price to pay somewhere along the line, and in the case of Gmail, I am prepared to pay that small price.

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    Comment by Jon Lee

    Don’t forget about their best feature — conversations. Instead of your inbox being flooded with Re: Re: Re: Re: messages, all replies to one another are smartly grouped together!

    You really take this for granted until you go back to say… Windows Live Messenger and a long conversation takes up your entire front page of your inbox.

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