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I have had a problem of late trying to hit keywords in one of my blog’s without degrading the quality of my content. This is a fairly common problem with SEO, the general consensus being that you should write for your readers, not for search engines.

That is easier said than done, it is a difficult balance.

If you want good SEO from your posts then you have to make sure keywords are well placed in your title, and that words are repeated or stemmed throughout the post itself.

Doing this whilst keeping readers on side is a difficult balance.

The best way to overcome this problem is to produce more and more quality content, but there will often come a time when you really need something a little more targeted than your readers will accept.

For that you can use the WordPress Category Visibility Plugin which does a nice job of hiding your categories. You can choose in which options the category will appear, like so:


A description of what these check boxes do is shown below:


So, as indicated by the first image the category I have hidden only shows in the archives.

By pre-dating the post I can put it in an obscure archive which Google will find, but, readers are unlikely to.

This has a number of uses besides hiding posts intended for search engines, for example you may want to store reference information for yourself which is not appropriate for your blog, there are many potential uses for this plug in.

Although only a Beta release, so far I have found this plug in very effective.

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    Comment by Jeanna

    It’s looking like Word Press has more to offer than blogspot as far as plug ins and hands on editibility.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    I think wordpress is one of the best open source web-apps I’ve used and would strongly recommend it.

    Its good for people at different levels too, the plug-ins integrate easily without requiring any coding, but if you do want to meddle with the code there is plenty of scope there too.

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