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How Much Have you Made from Pay Per Post was a question posed by Pay Per Postpayperpost.jpg themselves in an act of self promotion.

I have only recently signed up with PPP blog marketing, and this is only my second post, so far I have made just $20.

I read recently on HMTK.com that posting too many PPP reviews can bleed your page rank. It is well known that linking to the “wrong” kind of sites can damage your google rank, and, as you do not necessarily know the reputation of the company you are linking to I can see how you could easily fall foul of this.

The other question that PPP have asked is “what will you do with the money?”, in my case I intend to spend it on Pay Per Posts for one of my other sites!

It is a fairly cost effective way of getting more inbound links, and, the fact that you can specify a subject that the blog must write about increases your chances of getting contextual links from participating sites.

Personally I think advertisers get a better deal from this than bloggers. Many Pay Per Post opportunities pay only $6 to blog authors (though I have seen some as high as $500 if you have a PR7+ site.

Pay per post take around one third in commission, so, opportunities paying around $6 will have cost the advertisers $10, a fraction of the ReveiwMe price, although I think ReviewMe are likely to deliver a better quality product.

ReviewMe fees are higher, you can earn more money per review with them, from what I have seen so far, but PPP is good from the point of view that you can put yourself forward for opportunities as opposed to having to be asked, and, from an advertisers perspective you can get a lot more reviews for your money.

Whether PPP works for me remains to be seen, but I think I will be doing more in the future, provided I can find opportunities relevant to my blog.

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    Comment by HMTKSteve

    Yep, I have long said that PPP benefits the advertiser more than the blogger.

    As for those high PR opps, no one at PPP has ever said what the PR breakdown was for all of their bloggers.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    I would imagine its low, I think this service is really aimed at advertisers looking for quantity rather than quality, though, with the option to set a requirement for high PR it should be possible to go for quality too, certainly for $500 you would expect that!

    Comment by Spud Oregon

    My site is nothing but reviews, so maybe I should take a look at PPP and see if I can make some money doing what I’m already doing.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    To be honest Spud I think you should, and sign up with ReviewMe, the only draw back is that you can only review whats listed, and a lot of the stuff you would not enjoy writing about.

    I have only done one PPP so far (other than this one which is for PPP itself).

    I was happy doing that, as the site was on topic for this blog and I learned a couple of interesting things whilst reading their site.

    I think you have to be selective, i.e. dont go off reviewing everything that you are able to. For example I am able to accept reviews for insurance companies etc. which needless to say would be a bad plan given the subject matter of this blog…

    Comment by Spud Oregon

    That’s good advice. Looks like I’ll have to wait a couple of months though as a blog must be at least 90 days old to be accepted.


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