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Recently I have noticed the page rank of my sites fluctuating and wondered why this was.

Rumour has is that Google changed its algorithm recently, different Google data centres hold a different rank for your site.

Depending on the data centre serving you at the time, your page rank will fluctuate. As the rank is consolidated across data centres so it will stabilise.

To check a sites rank on different data centres try this:

A really cool tool, have fun!!

Im pretty sure this is the reason why my page rank is not stable, particularly as the rank is either zero or three, which is what the different data centres currently report.

Another point that makes me believe this is causing fluctuating page rank is that I have two toolbars in my browser, the Google toolbar and a FireFox plug in which shows both the Alexa and Google page rank.

So, in effect I have two google ranks displayed in my browser, often these do not match, again showing zero or three, suggesting the two toolbars are pointing at different data centres.

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