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Today I was checking a new site which I have been trying to optimise.

Almost all of the pages for this site are still in the supplemental index, and I have been trying to get more links to these pages to get some search engine traffic.

To my delight I now see that none of the pages are now tagged as supplemental… or those of any other site I check!

A couple of weeks ago, Hamlet Batista wrote a post on getting out of the supplemental index and made reference to the fact that Google were considering removing the supplemental result tag.

If the results I am looking at are anything to go by, they have done just that!

Whether this affects different data centers or whether it is is a permanent change beyond my knowledge, but the tags are definitely not visible from where I am sitting.

I have also noticed that my page rank statistics are not available in Webmaster Central, so perhaps this is just a temporary glitch caused by the pending PR update?

I would be interested to hear anyone else’s thoughts on this, do these results normally disappear during PR updates???

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    Comment by Jack

    The PR update is a good bet for the source of the problems.

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    Comment by Florchakh

    Supplemental Index? It’s enough to put the matter on unique content (random generated 40%, for e.g. ;) )

    I’ve just found that tool, hope you will enjoy it too Jeremy. It checks PR on 300 data centers :mrgreen: http://www.wirank.com/en/

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Very cool… regards random content, I have built sites using that and some of them rank ok, but its a dangerous game if the sites are monetised. Entire networks of sites are being banned from Google and Adsense…. I have taken down my “experiments” in this area….

    Comment by Florchakh

    Just do a research and find out what SEOs do on most popular sites with music lyrics. There are a few methods that are 100% safe for use :cool:

    Comment by Hamlet Batista

    Bart – That is a great find. Thanks for sharing.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Indeed, thats by far and away the best page rank checker Ive seen…

    Comment by Florchakh

    BTW why you haven’t removed that damn sponsored links from the footer? :mrgreen:

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    remove them, dont you mean add them :mrgreen:


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