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If you want a free template for your website then there is only one site I would recommend

I love this site, they have so many great design listed you really are spoilt for choice :-)

One of my favorite free web design templates is:

I love this template and am looking forward to using it.

Like all the Free Web Design Templates listed on the Open Source Web Directory it is XHTML Valid and like most of the templates uses a table-less CSS structure.

There is a greenery template available for WordPress (the software used to run this site / Blog) too, though it doesn’t work to well at the moment. I have found elements jumping out of place when using this with wordpress, but I am sure they are only minor glitches. When I have time I will modify this template for one of my blogs.

Another favorite Free Web Design Template is Nautica 05 which I recently used on a site I deployed.

It is a very flexible template with a lot of styles / layouts and good navigation.

The Nautica series of Free Web Design Templates is made available by Studio 7 Designs and is a good illustration of why these designs are given away free.

Studio 7 include their backlink in templates, and ask that users of their templates leave them in place (which it is only fair of you to do should do if using one of these templates).

Looking at the Studio 7 site it has a good page rank (7) and a high Alexa ranking, and this is why:

They have 1700 backlinks from people happily using their template.

This is why web design templates are becoming free. There is no need to charge for templates, you can give web design templates away for free and still earn money from the traffic they generate.

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