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If you need free stock images for your website, blog, presentations etc. then the best free site around is stockXchng.fish1.jpg

StockXchng has been around for some time but really seems to have come into its own over the last year.

They claim to be the “leading free stock photography site” currently listing 313484 free images with 400 – 500 new images being listed every day!

They have over 25000 photographers submitting images and a lot of them are very good!

I have found a number of good free images suitable for use in banners etc.

There are premium or paid images listed too, starting at $1 per image. These are actually hosted on a sister site StockXpert are to a very high standard.

If you are prepared to pay one or two dollars for your images then istockphoto.com is also a very good source of stock images, with a much larger selection than stockXchng / StockXpert but alas, no freebies.

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    [...] Jul 5th, 2007 by Ryan Lanham Free Stock Images [...]

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    An RSS Scraper… not sure what to make of this yet….

    Comment by Hamlet Batista


    Those are great websites.

    We found some really good pictures on those sites that we plan to use for my new blog template.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    I actually bought the header image for this site off IstockPhoto or one or two dollars.

    I have just set up another site using a free image from stockXchng as the banner…. as you say they are all very good sites, and a fraction of the price of getty images.

    Comment by Nicolargo

    Here is another list with free images for your blog/sites.

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    Comment by Saman Sadeghi

    This is a great resource – especially since someone can just steal a picture from Google.com/images!

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    Comment by HMTKSteve

    I’ve taken to looking over the CC licensed stuff on flickr.

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    Comment by softwarebuzz

    Ok I am looking for the stock image, thanks

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    Comment by Jack

    I bought myself a nice DSLR a few months ago and have been enjoying taking pictures and submitting them to various sites, hopefully some will end up on these sites one day!

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    I got a DSLR last year, only an entry level Nikon but Ive had a lot of fun with it, not submitted to any sites yet, would be interested to see what you have done if you want to post the links!


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