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FilePedeia is a download site run by someone I have come to know through blogging, I was interested in his site so offered to review it for him :mrgreen:

FilePedia lists hundreds of free downloads, but unlike sites such asfreesoftware.png Download.com or SnapFiles.com, FilePedia uses WordPress blogging software.

As it is run as a blog with daily posts and an RSS feed it is an easy way to find out about useful free software products.

In that sense it is better than Download.com or SnapFiles.com, which work well if you know what you are looking for, but don’t in themselves show you anything new.

FilePedia on the other hand introduces you to software you may not previously have been aware of, there is some interesting stuff on there if you have a little spare time to browse.

This blog has only been live for a few weeks but is already generating 30,000 unique visitors a month. With a list of most popular and best rated downloads its well worth a visit if your looking for some freebies ;-)

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