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The final episode of the CleverStat (free) Trilogy is Free Monitor for Google.

Free Monitor for Google is a program that helps check your SERPS, i.e. your search engine positioning for different terms. Assuming you know what keywords you are trying to target, you can track them with this program.

Again, there are other tools around that let you do this, there are some free web based ones I have used in the past, but as with the other CleverStat products I have been playing with, you can easily save, import and export your projects which in my opinion is a significant advantage.

As with the other free products from CleverStat, Monitor for Google will present you with adds for other products, but nothing too bothersome.

To use Monitor for Google you add or import your keyword list:


Enter the URL of the site you want to check:


Click the search button and read the results:


As can be seen above, I rank number five in Google for the term pixel lotto (at least in my part of the world!), but alas I have no ranking for “make money online”… a popular phrase in these parts, but not one that will be profiting me :cry:

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