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  • There are a few free keyword analysis tools available that can prove useful when trying to SEO your site.

Of these I consider the Microsoft Adlab the best Free Keyword Analysis Tool. It is the easiest to use and shows the number of searches, age and gender distributions and renders all the information in easy to interprate charts and measures.

The google keywords tool is really aimed at Adwords users and has little value for webmasters. It does not show the number of searches for keywords, merely showing the competition amongst advertisers for particular words.

The fact that advertisers compete for search terms will indicate the value of cliks per ad, but is completely irrelivant in terms of analysing the number of searches performed.

The Yahoo Keyword Selector tool is OK when it is working. Often I have found it unusable as it runs so slowly, often timing out. That said, it seems a lot better of late so may prove another useful link. The Yahoo Keyword Selector tool presents a simple list of searches along with the number of searches performed. In a sense the Yahoo Keyword Analysis is a blend of the Microsoft and Google analysis tools, presenting a list of search terms based on a keyword you enter (like Google) but also showing the number of searches performed (like Microsoft).

None of the above tools are adequate for SEO purposes in their own right, however, by using all three it is possible to generate some ideas for yourself.

A good paid keyword analyser is Wordtracker although a free trial is available from wordtracker, it is not really usable, it is meant as a teaser as opposed to adding value to your quest for the perfect keywords. It is also quite expensive to subscribe to, however, it is possible to buy the user of the keyword analyser for a single day, week or month meaning it can be used cost effectively if you can sit down for 24 hours and blitz it!

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    [...] If you want to SEO your site and get some hits from Google searches (unlike this site, which I have neglected badly) then a good place to start is using the Free Keyword Analysis tools listed in a previous post. [...]

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    [...] Free Keyword Analysis Tools [...]

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    [...] Free Keyword Analysis Tools [...]

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    Comment by David Hopkins

    Thanks for posting the Microsoft one. I remember Hamlet mentioned this, but I forgot to ever check it, It will be really useful for me at the moment as I am currently working on a shop that only sells products for men, yet it is already on page one for some good terms. However I am pretty sure the majority of these searches are done by women. Although just using it now, even the keywords targetted at men are search for 100% more by women. I guess its the wife getting some gear for her lazy hubby.

    I guess when using this MS tool we just time it by 10-20 and you get the approx. searches on Google?

    My favorite is the Google one. I use this to collect a list of long tail keywords I can gear my pages for. There are also a few long tails I gear most of the time, such as combinations including the words BEST, QUOTE, CHEAP, PRODUCTS, BUY. Keyword containing BUY and PRODUCTS usuually have really good conversion and no competition, so are always the best place to start.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    It is not actually very accurate, also the predictions always seem to spike…

    I dont think any of these tools are that good… overture is way off IMO… but as I have read many times, tools like that are there to sell adwords, not help site owners!

    I have used some paid ones in the past, like word tracker. I did not think that was worth the money, unless you want to harvest thousands of long tails for a spam site :oops:

    From what Hamlet has said, I think he go’s with the adwords tools and looks at the comparative number of clicks…

    None of them are really that good beyond being comparative tools, i.e. they will tell you which keyword is best, but not necessarily what kind of traffic it pulls…



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