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Peanuts Per Post would be a better use of the three P’s!

That is the main reason I dumped Pay Per Post. I just looked at the opportunities open to me and there are none that will pay me more than $10, once converted to pounds Sterling it would barely buy two beers (rip off Britain).

I have just this minute finished writing a review me on another blog, and although reviewMe are greedier than PPP, spooning off an outrageous 50% commission, I was still left with $30.

Within my niche I would need a PR 5 or 6 Blog to get an opp like that on PPP!

In fact, I just checked and there is a PR 5+ opp paying $17.50 and a PR 6 opp paying $25.

I think a lot of advertisers using PPP are just taking a punt on the fact that some people will write reviews for peanuts, and if they don’t, who cares….

Page rank is the second reason I ditched PPP and deleted the posts I had written. Steve from HMTK.com blamed PPP for a drop in PR and said he wasn’t going to use them anymore. A few weeks later he was planning to whore his site out to them to pay for a new car haha!

I had a number of PPP’s on my front page at the time of the PR update.

I cannot be sure that these posts had anything to do with me ending up with a low PR, however, it is interesting to note that the Contact form on this site has a higher PR than my home page!

Another point of interest is that this domain was a PR 3 when it had nothing but a default install of osCommerce on it, so much for Google weeding out duplicate content!

So that’s it, no more pay per posts for me, and Ill have to wait until the next PR update to see if their removal helps me at all…

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    Comment by HMTKSteve

    I only whore out for opps that pay $25 or more and are good. I did two last month.

    I check every few days and all they ever has is junk for blogs below PR5. When I was PR5 I was getting $35+ opps every day!

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    I dont think ive ever earned more than $15 as a PR3… PR is a funny thing… I have posts that are PR4… my contact page is a PR4 as are some of the archive pages… but my homepage is PR3… I think PPP may have had something to do with that too… I had PPP’s up at the time PR was being calculated….

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