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Ive been trying to submit a site to DMOZ for a few months now but have been unable to do so as the submit functionality has been taken down. In the background there has been a lot of speculation about corruption amongst editors being the possible cause.

Yesterday I noticed the site was once again available for editors, and 10 mins ago I finally got to submit my site (not this one btw, not ready yet :-) ).

An interesting read on the subject of DMOZ corruption is


I dont know how true any of the information posted by corrupt dmoz editor is, but its well worth a read!!

Update: I said I was not going to submit this site as I have not got much content yet, but then who knows when the opportunity to submit to DMOZ will present itself again!!

Also, from what I have read, DMOZ take a long time to process an application so I will have time to improve the site before they review it, and remove the link to corruptdmozeditor :-)

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    [...] I recently wrote a post on the fact that, after several months the DMOZ submission form is once again available. [...]

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