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Another Web Application I have been playing with recently is Content Solution, a content spinner :evil:

Content Solution can read in content from a range of sources, scraping content from Search Engines, Article Engines /sites, RSS feeds and text articles:


The scrapes are separated by article or search and can be individually edited as required. Once an article is ready, it can be passed to either a re-writer using sysnonyms, or the Markov Generator.

The re-writer replaces text in the article using a thesaurus. The more this is done, the less sense the article makes, however, articles largely remain readible. These newly re-written articles can be put out to an rss feed which will change every time it is loaded (a spinner) and can be used many times to create multiple variants of a single article.

Using the Markov Generator it is possible to spin many articles together to create new and unique content, which although meaningless to the human reader appears to maintain the structure of a genuine document, and remains readable (though it makes no sense).


The spun content can be output to different formats, creating RSS feeds and ‘spinners’. The spinners are particularly fun to play with, they are plain text web pages which, when refreshed re-generate, or re-spin content.

It is really interesting to see this program at work, and although spam is much maligned within the blog-sphere, it has me wondering how many sites already use this kind of software to pad out sites. It is relatively easy to hide content from readers without using black hat techniques.

At around 50+ posts Google usually indexes an entire blog, not just posts, but all comments pages, author pages etc, and I can certainly see this software being used by the impatient! I can also see it being used by people who run multiple blog’s.

One reason I became interested in this software is because I have seen it work on other sites. These were splogs pointed at a ReviewMe I wrote a while back. For the brief time these splogs linked to my site, traffic doubled and my SERPS jumped dramatically.

If this stuff did not work, people would not do it… that said, it can get you into trouble, particularly if you try and run adsense in the spun posts!

The main reason I have been playing with it is because I think its an ingenious little program that is stable, easy to use and good at what it does…. its a real shame that its encrypted, it would have been fun to play with the source!

Considering the ‘dark’ nature of the product, the guys at halfagain.com (the company that produces the software) seem pretty cool too, and have taken the time to reply to a couple of questions I had.

If you are interested in this software you can get a free trial of Content Solution Here. For those looking to in increase revenue on their blog, the affiliate commissions are very generous too.
(links in this post are direct to their site, I am not making on aff sales here…)

Have fun, :neutral:

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