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If your looking for a Cheap WiFi Card that is Linux Compatible have a look at

Most laptops now have wireless built in, however, if you have an older machine you would be well advised to buy the Edimax card above.

I have used this card for two years, it is vastly superior to a linksys card that would have been twice the price (had it not been bundled with a router).

I originally bought the Edimax WiFi card as the Linksys card did not work with Linux.

The Edimax card works out of the box on Ubuntu and Debian, you do not need to install a driver (as you do on windows).

My only criticism of this card is that it protrudes a lot out of the side of the laptop, but for less than £15 delivered you cannot really complain.

Edimax also do a PCI card for use in a desktop which also works well with Linux.

The reason these cards work with Linux is the use of the Ralink Chipset.

Before buying my WiFi card for Linux, I researched the chipset to see if it would work on Linux, now more of them have been sold you can simply read the customer feedback on Dabs.

So there you have it, Wireless Ubuntu, Wireless Debian, Wireless Gentoo, in fact Wireless any Linux Distro for peanuts ;-)

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