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These are two of the best plug-ins I have seen for Firefox. Firebug allows you to view your site and and edit your code all in one browser tab. Mousing over elements on your page in this case the strapline: “Free Web Design and WebDevelopment” Highlights the relevant section of your code. Your code is [...]

Why would you want to run a blog on your PC? To experiment on it, test plug ins, and make modifications without bringing down your website! A lot of people don’t realise that you can run Web-Applications on a PC as opposed to the Internet, from where you can modify and test your application before [...]

Develop Web Applications with Linux Most web hosting uses the LAMP platform: Linux Apache MySQL PHP As opposed to WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL and PHP) This is because all of the above are open source, meaning they are completely free to use. This saves money for the host (no licensing costs), which are passed on [...]

What software do you need for web design? A simple text editor like notepad will do, however you would be better off using a more advanced editor that colour codes your syntax, it makes it much more obvious when you have made a mistake. There are some free (WYSIWYG) editors available such as: NVU BlueFish [...]

Free PHP Editors

A while back I read this article on the Aptana IDE which provides a free programming environment for web development / PHP. Aptana promises a great deal for web developers, but is very much work in progress and as of a couple of months ago was missing some basic features like block indentation. That said, [...]

Load time is an important feature of any website, many users will not hang around waiting for your page to load, particularly if they are new to your site. Adding plugin’s, affiliate links, graphics etc. all take their toll and it is worth keeping an eye on your load speeds. First up are a couple [...]

Free Monitor For Google

The final episode of the CleverStat (free) Trilogy is Free Monitor for Google. Free Monitor for Google is a program that helps check your SERPS, i.e. your search engine positioning for different terms. Assuming you know what keywords you are trying to target, you can track them with this program. Again, there are other tools [...]

My last post discussed PaRameter, a free program that allows mass analysis of websites page rank. Back-Links Master is another free product from the same company, which, as the name suggests analysis back-links to a site. As with PaRameter, I assume this software delivers advertisements from time to time, if that is something that concerns [...]

Analysing Websites with PaRameter

In my last post I discussed a little program I use called URL Search which can be used to scrape URL’s before exporting them to a text file. This has a number of uses, but most require further analysis, and for that you may want to check out PaRameter. PaRameter is a free software tool [...]

URL Search is a program that can be used to harvest, process and store lists of URL’s. It is a very powerful little program that I bought a few months for around $25. I cannot remember where I bought it from, I have just Googled and found it for sale on Softpedia, I really cannot [...]

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