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A lot of people write about the benefits of niche blogging, namely the ease with which you can get a site to rank in Google for niche terms, and the financial benefits of good Adsense clicks and affiliate sales opportunities. A problem few seem to address is how to get good back-links for a niche [...]

This is my third, and possibly final post on automating website browsing!! My previous two posts were Automate Website Browsing which discussed a browser containing a scheduler, so you can set it to browse sites at different times of the day, and Automatically Browse and Test Websites with Firefox which discussed the Salenium plugin for [...]

My last post discussed the Selenium IDE plug in for Firefox, which can be used to automate website browsing for testing purposes. A limitation of Selenium as an automated browser is the lack of a scheduler, which would allow you to browse sites at set periods. If this is something you want to do, then, [...]

When working on websites / applications testing can be tedious, Selenium IDE makes that process a lot easer. Selenium is available as a Firefox plug in and allows you to record your actions in the browser window. Once installed you use Tools / Selenium IDE to open the control panel: Then click the record button, [...]

Ever wanted your personal copy of Amazon, well, if your mad enough, have a big enough hard drive and a very fast internet connection you can! There are a few programs capable of ripping websites, the one I use is HTTrack Website Copier which: Allows you to download a World Wide Web site from the [...]

MySQL Admin

A few days ago I wrote a post on using Easy PHP to web applications such as blogs, E-commerce and CMS on your PC. The advantage of running these applications on your PC is that you can hack them to pieces without affecting your live site! Before you can use the the applications though, you [...]

If you want to run PHP applications on a Windows machine you need Apache, MySQL and PHP. Downloading and configuring the three separate components can be time consuming, however there are some alternatives. Jon Lee Web Development recommends XAMPP a small application that bundles the programs together for convenience. I have not used XAMPP, instead [...]

FTP to SFTP Bridge

Unlike FTP, SFTP (secure FTP) is encrypted to protect your data and passwords. It uses similar technology to SSH relying on MD5 certificates which are generated when the first connection is made. Some hosts will only allow the use of SSH / SFTP, which can be problematic if your HTML editor does not support this. [...]

NVU is a free (open source) alternative to DreamWeaver which allows WYSIWYG (graphical) editing of web pages. Whilst not as featureful as DreamWeaver, it will save you a lot of money! The main disadvantage of this product when compared to DreamWeaver is the absence of a split view, allowing simultaneous viewing of the graphical preview [...]

I was recently asked to write a script to re-submit information to a website automatically. The website in question was a business directory of sorts, which indexed listings according to the most recent update. I did not really want to do this and thought I would see if there was a FireFox plug-in that would [...]

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