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BobCares Review | Server Management from BobCares.Com

I recently had a bit of a problem with a server I had been using. The file system crashed and I did not have very good backups of my work. The server was with SoftLayer.Com who I have found to be very good, price competitive (if you check the specials and chat to one of [...]

Running The Alexa Widget

Some of you may have noticed my latest toy in the sidebar, this Alexa Widget: Now, a rank of 167k is nothing to be proud of and most sites would not want to publish such a poor score, however it is improving (it was 280k last week) and I like playing with Alexa. The reason [...]

In order to maximise Adsense earnings it is worth spending time experimenting to get the best return on your efforts! It is widely known that some Adwords pay very well, and others poorly, a subject a number of people have written about. A quick google for “Top Paying Adwords” or “Top Paying Keywords” will get [...]

Top CSS Tutorials

Here is a list of some of my favourite CSS tutorials: World Wide Web Consortium CSS Tutorials W3C offer the best free tutorials for beginners I have found anywhere. Whether you want to learn (X)HTML, CSS, PHP or a host of other technologies this site should always be your starting point. Sliding Doors of CSS [...]


Well the SEOLINKPRO train is groaning forward, it is due to be released any time soon and a new SEOLINKPRO tutorial video has been uploaded by Gnarly Guy. Its not for the feint hearted, a few in jokes from Syndk8 included in that, all the way through it in fact. Anyway, this shows a bit [...]


SEOLinkPro is a new link building tool released by the guys at syndk8. If you do not know syndk8, it is a popular black / grey hat forum run by some guy by the name of Earl Grey. Quite an amusing forum, containing lots of edgy humour as well as a lot of useful SEO [...]

Zuney Tunes

Ms Danielle is giving away a 30 gig Micorsoft Zune she originally won from John Chow. To enter her competition you just have to write a short post linking to her site, like this one… Shes assures me it is working and its just the colour she doesn’t like… I’m not sure I would buy [...]

I always like reading the about or bio pages on blogs. Unfortunately mine are pretty boring, but this one written by Gary Lee had me laughing: Gary Lee lives in Southern California and currently works for himself as an Internet Marketing/Business Development Consultant after a few years of helping drive an old asian online dating [...]