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Collaborating on projects with people in different locations / organisations can be problematic. dotProject is a free open source PHP application which makes this process a lot easier. Being a web application it is easy to host / share across organisational / geographical boundaries. Being written in PHP means hosting is easy to find and [...]

If you read Affiliate blogs you will have noticed an ever growing number of authors writing about the use of WordPress: Last month Kieron of here.org.uk wrote a short tutorial on how to build an affiliate site from scratch with WordPress, Kirsty from AffiliateStuff.co.uk introduced a really nice feed driven lingerie site using the revolution [...]

Alexa is a traffic monitoring system that collects data about which sites users visit. It does this by getting users to install a toolbar into Internet Explorer. This toolbar sends data to Alexa about which site you are visiting allowing Alexa to track how many visitors a site receives. Alexa then sends back a ranking [...]

Want an E-Commerce site? With entry costs / barriers falling all the time more and more SME’s want to enter the market. Be careful, there are hundreds of people who will take your money in return for an all singing all dancing site, myself included but, without careful planning it will be nothing but a [...]

If you want a free template for your website then there is only one site I would recommend The Open Source Web Directory I love this site, they have so many great design listed you really are spoilt for choice One of my favorite free web design templates is: Greenery Free Web Design Template I [...]

I’m not really into blogging, I had planned to build this site using a content management system such as Mambo but WordPress is so much easier I decided to blog it instead. Unlike a lot of bloggers I am not really into the blogsphere as such, preferring to use Google, Digg and Dmoz to find [...]

Update!!If you want to run PHP within your wordpress posts forget reading this post and check out Exec-php by Soren Weber. Within the (very comprehensive) documentation are comparisons with other plugins that allow you to run PHP within WordPress posts. My latest scheme is to build some afilliate sites…Most of the competing sites I look [...]

There are a number of free E-Commerce solutions available for those wanting a cost effective online store. In this post I will discuss three, all of which reqire PHP and MySQL to be installed by your host. Most hosting offers these features so it should not be a problem. To be able modify the software [...]

Global Translator is a Free WordPress Translation Plugin. As the name suggests, it translates your site into other languages! You can see I now have it installed in my sidebar and although I am displaying only six languages (including my own ), there are several others available depending on whether you use the Google Translation [...]