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After reviewing a number of freebies available from CleverStat.com I was given an evaluation of one of the paid products to have a look at. Accurate Monitor for Search Engines is a SERP’s analysis tool, i.e. it checks your position in search engines for given terms. This tool will check your SERP’s in pretty well [...]

Today I was checking a new site which I have been trying to optimise. Almost all of the pages for this site are still in the supplemental index, and I have been trying to get more links to these pages to get some search engine traffic. To my delight I now see that none of [...]

Free Monitor For Google

The final episode of the CleverStat (free) Trilogy is Free Monitor for Google. Free Monitor for Google is a program that helps check your SERPS, i.e. your search engine positioning for different terms. Assuming you know what keywords you are trying to target, you can track them with this program. Again, there are other tools [...]

My last post discussed PaRameter, a free program that allows mass analysis of websites page rank. Back-Links Master is another free product from the same company, which, as the name suggests analysis back-links to a site. As with PaRameter, I assume this software delivers advertisements from time to time, if that is something that concerns [...]

Analysing Websites with PaRameter

In my last post I discussed a little program I use called URL Search which can be used to scrape URL’s before exporting them to a text file. This has a number of uses, but most require further analysis, and for that you may want to check out PaRameter. PaRameter is a free software tool [...]

Global Translator is a Free WordPress Translation Plugin. As the name suggests, it translates your site into other languages! You can see I now have it installed in my sidebar and although I am displaying only six languages (including my own ), there are several others available depending on whether you use the Google Translation [...]

Build an SEO Network

I am trying to build a network of bloggers serious about improving the SEO and Google rank of their blogs. Many bloggers are throwing links around like they are going out of fashion, others are behaving in a quite scandalous manner, for example someone on JohnChow.com recently offered $1 to charity for every key-worded back-link [...]

This post describes a method by which will allow you to increase your visibility in Google at zero cost. It is common knowledge that community users (of blogs and Digg) do not click adwords, because: They tend to be more ‘savvy’ than the average Internet user They are information hungry, and particular They know what [...]

Find Keywords with Google Trends

Google Trends is interesting, but not that useful at the moment. Using Google trends you can see how often a search is conducted on Google, showing for example whether a search term is becoming more or less popular. It also shows seasonal variations, for example run a query on: Google Trends for Christmas And you [...]

Google Page Rank Fluctuating

Recently I have noticed the page rank of my sites fluctuating and wondered why this was. Rumour has is that Google changed its algorithm recently, different Google data centres hold a different rank for your site. Depending on the data centre serving you at the time, your page rank will fluctuate. As the rank is [...]

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