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A few weeks ago I requested a link exchange with the author of a few blogs related to some of my own. The author replied to say he would exchange, but wanted to conduct the exchange via his new link exchange system, Lavalinx. I was pretty skeptical about another link exchange system, having found others [...]

Content Spinning with Content Solution

Another Web Application I have been playing with recently is Content Solution, a content spinner Content Solution can read in content from a range of sources, scraping content from Search Engines, Article Engines /sites, RSS feeds and text articles: The scrapes are separated by article or search and can be individually edited as required. Once [...]

Grey Hat SEO vs PPC?

I have been reading a lot on SEO lately, and, have begun to explore the darker side of the subject, grey and black hat SEO. I find the subject interesting from a technical and SEO perspective as many of the methods require serious skill as well as a complete lack of ethics! What I am [...]

How to Spam Your WordPress Blog!

I have had a problem of late trying to hit keywords in one of my blog’s without degrading the quality of my content. This is a fairly common problem with SEO, the general consensus being that you should write for your readers, not for search engines. That is easier said than done, it is a [...]

Alexa is a traffic monitoring system that collects data about which sites users visit. It does this by getting users to install a toolbar into Internet Explorer. This toolbar sends data to Alexa about which site you are visiting allowing Alexa to track how many visitors a site receives. Alexa then sends back a ranking [...]

SEO for E-Commerce

A problem with many E-Commerce sites is lack of content. Without content it is impossible to get a good rank in search engines, leaving many sites reliant on Adsense. In order to get good search engine optimisation for your online store you need to bulk up your site. Consider Amazon, if you use their site [...]

The Ultimate SEO Tool – WordPress?

It is surprising that more companies do not use blogging software like WordPress to promote their sites. As discussed in my previous post, sites like Review Me sell advertising on blogs, yet very few companies seem to have caught onto the fact that they can very cheaply and easily set up a blog of their [...]

SEO The Search Tail

If you want to SEO your site and get some hits from Google searches (unlike this site, which I have neglected badly) then a good place to start is using the Free Keyword Analysis tools listed in a previous post. Using these Free Keyword Analysis Tools you can generate lists of relevant keywords and assess [...]

Free Keyword Analysis Tools

There are a few free keyword analysis tools available that can prove useful when trying to SEO your site. Microsoft Adlab Google Keywords Tool Yahoo Keyword Selector Tool (Formely Overture) Of these I consider the Microsoft Adlab the best Free Keyword Analysis Tool. It is the easiest to use and shows the number of searches, [...]

The myth of the Alexa re-direct seems to be on the rise again with a number of blogs writing on the subject and various people runing experiments and even writing Alexa WordPress Plugins: The reason I think this is a myth is that I have seen many people try permutations of this trick and none [...]

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