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A few weeks ago I requested a link exchange with the author of a few blogs related to some of my own. The author replied to say he would exchange, but wanted to conduct the exchange via his new link exchange system, Lavalinx. I was pretty skeptical about another link exchange system, having found others [...]

If you need free stock images for your website, blog, presentations etc. then the best free site around is stockXchng. StockXchng has been around for some time but really seems to have come into its own over the last year. They claim to be the “leading free stock photography site” currently listing 313484 free images [...]

A lot of people write about the benefits of niche blogging, namely the ease with which you can get a site to rank in Google for niche terms, and the financial benefits of good Adsense clicks and affiliate sales opportunities. A problem few seem to address is how to get good back-links for a niche [...]

WP-Omatic is a wordpress plugin I have been using for several weeks on another site. Although it is in Beta it is a lot of fun, I have really enjoyed playing with it, and even took the time to make a small donation to the author. What WP-Omatic does is scrape RSS feeds. It does [...]

This is my third, and possibly final post on automating website browsing!! My previous two posts were Automate Website Browsing which discussed a browser containing a scheduler, so you can set it to browse sites at different times of the day, and Automatically Browse and Test Websites with Firefox which discussed the Salenium plugin for [...]

The market in Web Design templates is changing, its becoming ‘free’. I recently did a site for someone who had paid for a template, which, whilst ok was only as good as the average template available from the Open Source Web Directory. I have seen a few people ‘reselling’ templates for commercial companies, and to [...]

Learn To Touch Type

I am going off topic a bit here but I thought Id do a quick post on the benefits of touch typing! I spend a lot of time typing, at work and home, typing E-Mails, Blog Posts, letters and documents, programming, using chat clients… a lot of button pushing! I learned to touch type around [...]

Black Hat SEO

I have been reading a few blogs and forums discussing seo recently, and my favourite so far is Busin3ss has both a blog and forum discussing black hat seo. The blog has a few tips and tricks, but the really useful stuff is all in the forum, which can be found by reading about YACG [...]

My last post discussed the Selenium IDE plug in for Firefox, which can be used to automate website browsing for testing purposes. A limitation of Selenium as an automated browser is the lack of a scheduler, which would allow you to browse sites at set periods. If this is something you want to do, then, [...]

When working on websites / applications testing can be tedious, Selenium IDE makes that process a lot easer. Selenium is available as a Firefox plug in and allows you to record your actions in the browser window. Once installed you use Tools / Selenium IDE to open the control panel: Then click the record button, [...]

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