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Black Hat SEO

I have been reading a few blogs and forums discussing seo recently, and my favourite so far is Busin3ss has both a blog and forum discussing black hat seo. The blog has a few tips and tricks, but the really useful stuff is all in the forum, which can be found by reading about YACG [...]

If you read Affiliate blogs you will have noticed an ever growing number of authors writing about the use of WordPress: Last month Kieron of here.org.uk wrote a short tutorial on how to build an affiliate site from scratch with WordPress, Kirsty from AffiliateStuff.co.uk introduced a really nice feed driven lingerie site using the revolution [...]

Hamlet Batista has a relatively new blog where he discusses search marketing and SEO. A lot of people write about SEO, but Hamlet seems to know a lot more than others blogging on the subject. He provides basic scripts that can be used to analyse log files for keywords and recently published the basis of [...]

FilePedeia is a download site run by someone I have come to know through blogging, I was interested in his site so offered to review it for him FilePedia lists hundreds of free downloads, but unlike sites such as Download.com or SnapFiles.com, FilePedia uses WordPress blogging software. As it is run as a blog with [...]

Danielle runs her own blog offering Blog Marketing Tips for anyone who takes the time to read! When I first read this blog I thought it was a bit on the pink side, and probably wouldn’t be my kinda read however, if you read the “About” page you will see that Danielle is a PPC [...]

Nice4Rice.com is an interesting site, in that it blogs about blogs, giving away Free Blog Reviews and allowing users to vote on which sites they think are best. This is really useful for bloggers, as, they get a free review with inbound links, but can also get additional back-links through commenting, being one of the [...]

Jon Lee has run more than one successful website. He designed his first site at the age of 12, and by the age of 15 he had created a Pokemon site that went on to attract over a million visitors, before being taken down due to “copyright reasons”. As the age of criminal accountability approached, [...]

Sponsored Post: How Much Have you Made from Pay Per Post was a question posed by Pay Per Post themselves in an act of self promotion. I have only recently signed up with PPP blog marketing, and this is only my second post, so far I have made just $20. I read recently on HMTK.com [...]

Having read SamanaThon.com for a while I thought it was time to talk to him, spurred on by his top commenter’s link back I started chatting with him on his blog. A week or so later he has: Included me in two speed reviews Added me to his blogroll (links) Provided me with a most [...]

Ja Kel Daily Dot Com

Believe it or not Ja Kel has a spot on the million dollar homepage, good going for a blog given the cost of $100! It was that post that got me reading JaKelDaily.com, as I was interested to hear what traffic from the million dollar homepage was really worth. Like myself, and many other blogger’s [...]