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Want an E-Commerce site? With entry costs / barriers falling all the time more and more SME’s want to enter the market. Be careful, there are hundreds of people who will take your money in return for an all singing all dancing site, myself included but, without careful planning it will be nothing but a [...]

SEO for E-Commerce

A problem with many E-Commerce sites is lack of content. Without content it is impossible to get a good rank in search engines, leaving many sites reliant on Adsense. In order to get good search engine optimisation for your online store you need to bulk up your site. Consider Amazon, if you use their site [...]

There are a number of free E-Commerce solutions available for those wanting a cost effective online store. In this post I will discuss three, all of which reqire PHP and MySQL to be installed by your host. Most hosting offers these features so it should not be a problem. To be able modify the software [...]