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It is possible, but you are likely to become a jack of all trades and master of none. Graphic design and programming are very different skill sets. Both take a long time to learn and are equally difficult in their own way. It is rare that someone has an aptitude for both. A graphic / web designer may be able to hack some code together, and a programmer may be able to produce half decent images, but it is very rare that a single individual can achieve a professional standard in both.

Which is easier, Web Design or Web Development?

Both disciplines are as easy / difficult as one another depending on your aptitude. If you have a logical sort of mind, enjoy problem solving and puzzles, then it is likely you will find Web Development easier. If on the other hand you have an artistic streak then you will do better in Web Design far easier. Go with your instinct, play to your strengths.

To learn a little more read how do web designers and web developers work together.

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    Comment by Andy D. Hajime

    First time to this blog and I’m already loving it.

    You’re right, both skill set is different cause programming is all about logic, while designs is about creativity. For my case, I can do both. It’s a long road to the end but if you can do both and mastered it, you are your very own web development company. :wink:

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Hi Andy,

    Unfortunately I am not so good with design and am much happier with programming languages than presentational ones (CSS)… but I get by.

    The good thing with presentational stuff it is very easy to draw ideas (and code) from other sites….

    Comment by Web Design Media

    Really, web design and web development are 2 different stuffs. I think its an advantage for a developer to have some design skills as it may be helpful in many cases…
    The same thing applies for a designer !

    I really think that creativity is something that people cannot learn.
    This is the reason for why I believe that designers have an advantage over developers. They can learn about programming…

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