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I am trying to build a network of bloggers serious about improving the SEO and Google rank of their blogs.

Many bloggers are throwing links around like they are going out of fashion, others are behaving in a quite scandalous manner, for example someone on JohnChow.com recently offered $1 to charity for every key-worded back-link he received. These links were worth at least 10 times that value.

The key to exchanging links and reviews in terms of Google is to ensure links are ONE WAY, i.e. you do NOT link back to the site that links to you. If you do this the links merely cancel each other out (no one except Google know’s this for sure, but anyone with experience in the matter will more than likely tell you this is the case).

This can be overcome by a process of “Link Triangulation” where sites exchange links via a network of other sites, like this:

  • Site 1 links site 2
  • Site 2 links site 3
  • Site 3 links site 4
  • Site 4 links site 1

(The above is a simplistic view, in practice circular loops like this are unlikely to work)

Clearly this is difficult to arrange, hence the need for an established network of cooperative participants. The idea is to establish a community based network and process for increasing SEO where everyone benefits equally.

If you are serious about increasing Google traffic, have an established blog under your own domain using WordPress and are prepared to put some time into increasing traffic please mail me using my contact form.

I do not intend to remain in a position of control over this network, as I said, it will be community based and if established all members will have access equal access to information I collect regarding possible contacts / participants.

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    Comment by HMTKSteve

    What about when sites have diferring PRs?

    I’m PR 5 and don’t get much benefit from being linked to by a PR 0 blog.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Another point Steve, JohnChow.com only has a PR4, but due to all the links he recently received he is number 2 for his “make money online” key-prhase.

    Now I know he has a lot of links, but with a few well targeted one way links you can make progress on valuable keywords without a high PR, though, my other site has a PR4 also.

    The effect of PR on ranking for specific terms is the subject of a lot of debate, it is not clear what the relationship / weighting is.

    Comment by SiteLogic

    Maybe not in terms of PR, but what about google rank?

    Also it depends how well targeted your site is, how relevant the content of the linking site is, I know you know this anyway so Ill shut up…

    What I will say is Ive swapped a few reveiws like this already and am making good progress on my key phrase…

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    Comment by AskaX

    I’m only have PR 1 anyway, So I can take advantage of u :evil: . jokes*

    I thing the more link you got the more you grow up doesn’t matter from which PR (*correct me if I wrong)

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Yes, you have an established blog using wordpress, those are the only requirements. I would consider other blogging platforms, but it would not work as well for reasons I will explain to you.

    Forget page rank, one of the reasons I am doing this is because so many websites are precious about their rank.

    From what I have observed page rank is not that powerful a metric, contextual one way links from a number of sites will get you results even if their PR is low.

    In an ideal world you want links from sites containing similar content to yours with a high PR, but this is not an ideal world, try getting links from sites like that :!:

    Comment by Andrea Micheloni

    That could be a good idea to increase the PR, but I think google can recognize a game of this kind, probably many sites (with adult content at first, I think) have been doing this for much time.

    I will not join however, mainly because I do not care about pagerank, and I prefer giving links to the blogs I comment on (yes, you’ll show up in a moment), on posts I find interesting; on the opposite, I’d like to get a link from a post or a section “I commented on” of other blogs, but probably because I never look at blogrolls…

    But that’s my opinion, of course :wink:

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for your reply, I think you are right, a simple loop like the one I demonstrated could easily be detected, but that is not actually how I would do it, it is just to try and explain the principle.

    Also, I cooment on blogs I like too, and exchange links with other sites….. its good fun.

    There are also a lot more blogs who I do not comment on or link to, but who I am trying to work with to boost google rank in searches.

    I am not talking about Google PR, but indexing in search engines, i.e. who is number 1 for a search. This is not driven by PR alone, and it is common to see low PR sites beating High PR sites on particular terms.

    If this were not the case the internet would be dominated by one or two very large sites…

    Anyway, nice to hear from you, I still have to use that code you sent me BTW :mrgreen:

    Comment by Andrea Micheloni

    I was referring to the triangulation you spoke about: I’m not sure it’s just you to have invented it :mrgreen:
    and Google could have found something to check this :roll:

    I found now links from cocomment have the page title, in this case “Build an SEO Network” and the title is the beginning of my comment, so “That could be a good idea to increase the PR” :grin:

    Comment by SiteLogic

    I didnt say I invented it did I :oops:

    Websites have done this for years, but bloggers do not seem to do this, something I dont really understand :?: :?:

    Google could check a circular loop, but in a bigger network (with more than 4 sites) you could use a much smarter pattern…. :evil:

    Thanks for boosting my SEO :wink: its actually my other blog that needs a better google rank though, perhaps you could go comment on there also :mrgreen:

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    I already have a pretty good rhythm going with content and a review mixed in once in a while. SEO is my next step. You have my contact info already. :wink:

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Hi Zaib,

    Ill mail you on this then, I nearly deleted you post as Akismet tagged it as spam, after all, who has a name like “Wireless Security”.

    You shouldnt really do this, your comments will get deleted by accident, and links in comments are not picked up by google as they have a no follow tag, I remember to put you in my round up of people that have helped me and put wireless security in that if you like :idea:

    Comment by IndoDX

    SEO Network, it’s sounds like interesting Idea, Ok I will try it too…

    I will contact you soon ^_*

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    Comment by Chee Kui

    Count me in this network :twisted:

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    Yes, comments have no follow but top commentators don’t :grin: Only way I see to get anchor text in top commentators is to use in comment.

    Let me know if you know of better way.

    Also, yes use Wireless LAN Security for any anchor text to my blog.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Hi Zaib,

    Top commentors is not meant for anchor text, for that you will have to swap links, If you want me to put anchor text into the review of your site just mail me any changes you have.

    At the moment your comments are tagged as spam, as I dont get much spam at the moment, whilst annoying I still allow your comments, however, the number of spam comments are sure to rise, by other blog gets 140 per day (robots) then they are deleted on mass, I dont look at them.

    If you try this on other blogs I dont think they will post your comment, I wouldnt, if it were not for the fact I already know you….

    Comment by Zaib Kaleem

    Makes sense..I’ll send you text.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    thats better!


    [...] seen (Sorry Derrich!). AngryCat, aka Jez, of SiteLogic Web Development wants you to be in his SEO network. If you don’t join, AngryCat will hunt you [...]

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    Comment by Paul

    PR 4 is a min… to start. The rest is up to up how u make ur website climb up the search engine ladder.

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