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Several weeks ago Prija from Blogging the Movie mailed me asking for a review for his site, which is all about his grand scheme… making a movie about bloggers.

At the time I thought it was a bad plan and declined, I didn’t hear back from him and assumed he’d dropped the crazy scheme ;-)

Then last week he contacted me again saying it’s full steam ahead, he has some sponsors under his belt, a few high profile reviews lined up and a booth at the Blog World Expo.

I started to take his idea more seriously.

His plan is to give away a car in a monster blogging competition and make a promotional film about it.

To fund all this he is looking for 500 websites or blogs to sponsor the film and competition.

For sponsors there are a few incentives (copied from Blogging the Movie):

  • [1] You will receive two – 200 minimum review. The reviews will go in order of purchase. Once I have finished all 500 reviews, I will review everyone again since in the same order so that early entries can receive more publicity. They will be released in batches of 5 reviews at a time.
  • [2] You will get your domain name on each of the 2 Scion tC’s. This domain www.bloggingthemovie.com/Car will also be on the bumper. These ads will be on the car for a minimum of 4-years. One car will be given away for free in a blog contest. You do not have to purchase a sponsorship spot to win the car. A sponsor receives publicity. See below for contest rules for the car. The other car will go to my little sister Prany currently goes to UCR. She is need of a car to commute back and forth. She will drive the car at college for 4 years. which will bring good media hype as it will also be part of the movie.
  • [3] You will receive a permanent link to on this page. This will be the most heavily watched page. It will only be an index of 500 bloggers.
  • [4] Be part of the 1st FREE car giveaway in blogging history.
  • [5] Publicity from the media hype that the movie will generate. This movie about Blogging will follow me as a blogger as a travel to meet 10 other bloggers around the world. I will document why they blog, their day in a life. This movie will be an instant cult classic for this huge discourse community.

The reason I thought the idea was a bad plan is that if Prija spends money on promotion, then falls short of the the prize he will end up in a right mess.

When I put this scenario to Prija he just said “$%&* it!! Im prepared to take the risk!”. I thought it was pretty funny at the time, and that straight answer and is really why I agreed to write this review for him :mrgreen:

On his site he says:

Why should this work? I’m not trying to aim to get 1 million dollars with 10,000 ads. I’m only want to reach 50k with only a maximum of 500 ads. With the 50k and media hype I will gain more money through sponsors. A blogging movie has never been done before, and I will be the first to do it from a blogger’s perspective.

Prija seems pretty good a selling his idea which is why I am now taking it more seriously, and my opinion has gradually moved from “nuts” > “ambitious” > “achievable”.

Prija is currently working on a teaser for blogging the movie which will be the first glimpse into what he has planned for the final film… should be fun.

I am pretty sure this idea will go with a bang, either a great success or a complete mess but that’s kind of the beauty of this idea, all publicity really is good publicity, he cannot fail to get a decent video out of it :twisted:

I couldn’t say whether the advertising is worth $100 or not, time will tell, but it looks like a fun thing to participate in regardless. Its as much about novelty and seeing what happens as it is about advertising…. in my experience those tend to the the kind of schemes that prove popular….

I will definitely enter his competition, and I may even be persuaded to sponsor him….

Whatever happens it will be fun watching the progress of blogging the movie and I wish Prija (and his sister) good luck with it!

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    Comment by James Wilcox

    Kudos to Prija for going out on a limb and doing something nobody has done. That’s always hard because it’s a new idea and marketing it is going to be a challenge. Sponsorship fees are pretty cheap…$100 for a spot on a car for 4 years? That’s only $25 a year, or put another way, that’s less than $.50 cents a week!

    Nice thorough review by the way :)

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    Hi James,

    What those ads convert to is anyone’s guess, he seems to have a couple of auto based sites sponsoring him which is to be expected.

    Yeah he is definitely going out on a limb, he’s got some front though, he was pretty cheeky and persuasive in squeezing this review out of me…. that’s partly why I think he’ll be ok selling his slots ;-)

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    Comment by David Hopkins

    *Checks for affiliate links* :razz:

    Thought you were bidding for your slot in the pyramid when I started reading.

    Sounds much more interesting than your average blog rich quick scheme. However I would be more interested in something like “Raise $1,000,000 to Offset Al Gore’s Carbon Footprint”. Even thought his carbon footprint stuff is a load of old cobblers. Uneccessary non-degradable food packaging would be a more suitable target, but I guess you don’t want to do that if you are an oil millionaire.

    Check out The Little Ice Age.

    Sorry for bringing up something irrelevant. You have MDW, I have Al Gore :razz:

    (Comments wont nest below this level)
    Comment by SiteLogic

    No aff links, just got talked into doing him a favour…

    Thats ok, its an interesting topic…. you reckon global warning is a natural blip?

    Comment by Acopic Web Design

    Just goes to show that determination can go a long way towards ensuring success. Nice story.

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