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I was recently asked to do a review for a link back with a ‘high traffic blog’.

Since JohnChow started doing this a lot of other people seem to be jumping on the bandwagon.

The problem with these schemes is that the backlinks from these sites are near worthless, whereas, anchored links from a contextual review are valuable in building Google rank.

The reason I say these links are worthless is that Google gives a certain amount of ‘credit’ to each page. The more links there are on a a page, the less each of those links are worth.

Also, as the text on that page is unlikely to have relevance to your own site, the back-links are worth even less.

So, you are giving up your time to write a valuable review and being thrown a bone in return.

When I participated in such a scheme on a JohnChow I received 35 hits from the backlink that was it.

In Johns case I did not mind, I have learned a lot of valuable information from his blog, I rarely click his adds, so, in a sense I was paying him back for the knowledge he imparted to me, and this is the approach I would recommend bloggers take.

Dont review for traffic, it simply isn’t going to happen, review blogs you like, the authors of which have earned it.

In my experience you get more traffic exchanging reviews with your peers, as opposed to being thrown a link by a high profile blog.

My proof, look at the comments list on my review of Samanathon.com, reviews I have done on high profile blogs received no comments, not even from the recipient of the review. In terms of hits, my review of Samanathon generated perhaps five times as much traffic as my review of a high profile blog, and, Saman has helped me out in several ways since I wrote it.

A Pay Per Post would cost you at least $10, and a review me $40, that is the value of what you are giving away, perhaps more, so make sure you are getting your reviews worth from the site!

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    Comment by HMTKSteve

    True enough.

    Jon Chow gains far more from the review than the simple link back you receive. Unless you count good will and community building in there.

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    Comment by SiteLogic

    I am not talking so much about JC, as I said in my post I learned a lot from that site and do not wish to criticise it.

    What I am increasingly getting annoyed with are the growing number of copycats trying to pull the same stunt.

    I have received a couple of E-mails from blogs I dont even read asking me to do this, promising ‘traffic’ from one of their no-mark backlinks in return for my SEO.

    Its a complete con, these sites are taking advantage of bloggers who dont fully understand how the internet (google in particular) works.

    Comment by HMTKSteve

    Yes, I got one of those emails from another member of the JC community.

    He was asking for a review in exchange for a link back. I checked our numbers and we had the same PR/Alexa numbers. I offerred him a review exchange and he said “no thanks”…

    Comment by SiteLogic

    I think its probably the same guy, he was going on about traffic and PR5, I pointed out my site (not this one) was PR4 and that I knew I would not be getting any traffic from him. I also pointed out that trading reviews on that site had improved SEO and google hits by a couple of thousand hits pm.

    I didnt get a reply to that last mail, clearly he is only interested in getting something for nothing….


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